Month: November 2015


Borderline Diabetes: Preventing The Harmful Outcomes

Borderline Diabetes Defined Lately some questions spreading, “is borderline diabetes equal to diabetes?” Medical experts relate it to state of prediabetes. Many people use this term mostly today to describe it better. Borderline diabetes is metabolic state and global issue...

/ November 23, 2015

HCG Diet : The danger that you should know !

One of the most popular diet plans nowadays is the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet. Upon hearing about this HCG diet, I immediately did my research and what I found was surprising. Apparently, the popular diet plan is actually one...

/ November 16, 2015

17 Day Diet Meal Plan Boosting up Your Weight Reduction Program with

The 17 day diet meal plan was created by Dr. Mike Moreno. What's more, dissimilar to what its name infers, the whole diet isn’t 17 days in length. Every phase is 17 days—and that will be significantly even more when...

/ November 16, 2015

Simple Male Birth Control Methods To Prevent Pregnancy

Male birth control methods are very simple yet I am still amazed to see that a lot of men still do not understand them. Basically, there are only three male birth control methods and they are vasectomy, withdrawal and condoms....

/ November 16, 2015

Healthy Hair Tips For Women Over 40

It is hard to avoid changes when you reach 40. Your kids start to move out to live their own lives and you might begin thinking about what else you need to do when the house is finally empty. Life,...

/ November 16, 2015

Almased Diet Plan to Kick off Your Weight Loss Program

People who are probing for rapid weight loss plan will love meal replacement products. Reachable under various brands, these items are complete low-calorie substitutes for greater amount of one’s daily meals. Almased diet plan is meal replacement diet shake of...

/ November 15, 2015

Diet Plans: Handpicked For Dummies. (SHOULD TRY)

There are hundreds of diet plans available for every boy and girl who want to look good. Nevertheless, even the most advanced diet plan can go futile if it does not match the lifestyle and the capabilities of the dieters...

/ November 15, 2015

1000 Calories Diet Plan: Success Keys to Losing Fat

1000 calories diet plan is adjusted meal plan containing around 1000 calories intake every day. Due to its low calorie content, it is simply for quick fix (eg. 7 days). Thus, it is likely to start over slimming program, or...

/ November 12, 2015

Suzanne Somers Diet: Staying Slim, Sexy & Healthy

An American celeb and entrepreneur Suzanne Somers first launched her 1996 book, “Eat Great, Lose Weight.” Along with it, she also makes known Suzanne Somers Diet or Somersize Diet. She is now en route to turning into diet diva by...

/ November 3, 2015

Coconut Oil Weight Loss Facts That You Should Know

Does coconut oil weight loss method work? This is the question that has been frequently asked in numerous discussions in health forums. Proponents and opponents of the method have provided and defended their arguments. Opponents of the coconut oil  usually argue...

/ November 1, 2015