Month: October 2016


15 Ultimate Mind Tricks to Help You Beat Craving

One day you’re working hard in your office when suddenly your favorite bakery sends an email about its latest promo, complete with a picture of its newest cake line, and you feel an absolute need to consume them right that...

/ October 23, 2016

Keeping Your Teeth Safe

We all enjoy food to some extent. Some people enjoy it more than others, but regardless of whether you are savoring an appetizing t-bone steak or quickly gulping down a Soylent drink while on the go, we all need food...

/ October 19, 2016

15 Ways to Burn More Calories During the Day

Sometimes, you just crave the muffins on that famous bakery on the corner of the street. Other day, you just want to have that sundae on the ice cream parlor near your office. But, you have to hold back your...

/ October 10, 2016