Month: October 2018


Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Eye Floaters

You might have heard about the term eye floaters. They are random spots that pop in and out of your line of vision. Generally, these floaters are not indicative of any major underlying condition, but there are instances when they...

/ October 31, 2018

Common Myths About Hearing Loss You Might Believe

For a very long time, we tend to look at hearing loss as a lesser problem compared with losing other faculties, like your sense of sight or speech abilities. People seem to treat it as more of an annoyance rather...

/ October 29, 2018

Why Every Fitness Consultant Needs Liability Insurance

Becoming a Fitness Consultant is a long, rigorous process, and opening your own Consulting business is an even bigger development in your career. Through a combination of your knowledge and expertise and confidence to work independently, you can be sure...

/ October 29, 2018

How Your Oral Health changes with Your Age

A lot of older adults end up forgetting about maintaining their dental health due to lack of time and assumptions that their teeth are alright. But did you know that your oral health is almost as important as the health...

/ October 28, 2018

Congenital Heart Disease: Diagnosis, Causes & Treatment

What is congenital heart disease? This is a birth defect that affects blood vessels, heart valves and heart walls with the level of severity varying according to the complexity of the condition. The disease could be anything from a simple,...

/ October 28, 2018

7 Essential Oils That Support Women’s Health

Essential oils have many uses, including cleaning, deodorizing and freshening, but they can also be used to address specific women’s health issues. Women have been using oils extracted from plants and herbs for centuries–for things like beautification and healing. Aromas...

/ October 28, 2018

Six Healthy Habits Every Person Should Develop

The key to a long, happy and healthy life is developing good healthy habits. It’s not enough to occasionally do something that is good for you – you need to do it regularly. The more often you do something, the...

/ October 28, 2018

Want to sleep better? Alter your smellscape

Sleep is a natural necessity like food, water and shelter. And going without sleep for extended periods of time can be dangerous for your health. Everyone wants to get a proper amount of sleep. In fact, research shows that in...

/ October 26, 2018

8 Extreme U.S. Hiking Trails Even Beginners Can Conquer

The fast pace of everyday life often causes stress and tension. However, going out to breathe in fresh air is good for both the mind and body. Spending the day surrounded by nature is rewarding in itself, but the benefits...

/ October 25, 2018

10 Amazing Superfoods To Boost Your Fertility

Babies are God's best gift that is bestowed to we humans, but some people are not able due to some medical reasons such as in female, PCOS, Thyroids blocked fallopian tubes, and fibroids. In male such as pre-existing genetic condition,...

/ October 25, 2018