Month: December 2018


How to Get Back in Shape after the Holidays

The holidays are such a joyful, festive time and everybody just wants to relax and have a good time. You’re with your family and friends, opening gifts, singing songs and eating all the food in the world. And the food…...

/ December 27, 2018

12 Wines You Should Try

Wine is an extremely close and individual beverage. It is best appreciated to end an extravagant supper with your friends and family or basically a nightcap with your loved one. The wine shows signs of improvement with age, they say,...

/ December 25, 2018

10 Signs You Actually Need to Lose Weight

Modern life can get quite hectic and a healthy diet with a regular workout routine becomes a luxury rather than a requirement. In fact, we can consider ourselves lucky if we even grab an opportunity to spend a few hours...

/ December 20, 2018

8 Stones and Crystals to Incorporate into Your Yoga Practice

Crystals and stones are cherished by many for their beauty, but also due to the belief that certain minerals can harness energy vibrations. Combining specific crystals and stones with your yoga practice is thought to increase your energy, stability and...

/ December 20, 2018

The Ultimate Winter Toolkit for Older People

During the winter months, issues that we forget about during spring, summer and autumn suddenly come to light. Our homes are colder, our holidays much more important and our families bound to spend time inside. These issues can mean we...

/ December 17, 2018
How to Get Healthy and Save Money

How to Get Healthy and Save Money

Nothing is more valuable in life than good health. Unfortunately, our society has fallen in to the habit of equating that ‘value’ with ‘cost.’ But we are natural creatures, and staying healthy doesn’t need to be expensive. It simply requires...

/ December 15, 2018

How To Lead A Weight Loss Friendly Lifestyle

Fighting with excess weight has happened to many of us at least once in a lifetime. Still, some of us have a bigger issue with weight, constantly fighting to lose some or to keep it. If you ever had the...

/ December 15, 2018

7 Ways to Stay Healthy & Active During the Cooler Months

With the holiday rush, family dinners, and bundling up indoors, it can be easy to slack off on eating right and staying active as the temperatures drop. The cooler months have a way of slowing the body down. This means...

/ December 15, 2018
Water hacks to stay hydrated & healthy

Water hacks to stay hydrated & healthy

You’ve probably been in a situation before where the one thing you crave over all else is something to drink, just any decent-tasting and not dangerous liquid to wet your lips and pass down your throat. While beer and wine...

/ December 13, 2018

How To Monitor Your Stages Of Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different. Some mums-to-be experience weird cravings, whilst others are more emotional, some women have mood swings and skin changes and others suffer from aches and pains and fatigue. However your pregnancy progresses, the three trimesters are something...

/ December 13, 2018