Month: May 2019


Could Assisted Living Help Your Loved One Suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

When a parent or loved one gets on in age, the concern of who is going to help them and how becomes an ever-present worry. Perhaps the loved one in question is self-reliant and doesn’t require an ever-present caretaker to...

/ May 14, 2019

Living a Joyful Senior Life: How to be Happy in Your 60s

Growing older is a part of the cycle of life and you should be happy to begin this new chapter of your life. You have worked your entire life and now you are finally free to do the things you...

/ May 10, 2019

8 Tips How to Protect My Teeth While Smoking

Smoking is one of the greatest evils that you can take as a habit and it can affect the entire body in an adverse manner. Smoking tobacco can exacerbate gum ailment to a great extent. Smokers, are, in fact, 3-6...

/ May 9, 2019

3 Most Common Reasons for Selling a Life Insurance Policy

Signing up for a life insurance policy is a major life decision. No one wants to think about morbid topics like death, funerals, and a personal will, but these are subjects that must be confronted in order to ensure our...

/ May 7, 2019