Month: June 2019


Things to Throw Away in Your Life for Mental Health Reasons

We live in a world where we want to hold to on to everything we have, but some things are worth throwing away. Your life can get cluttered, both metaphorically and literally, and sometimes, it’s okay to throw things out...

/ June 14, 2019

What Is Good for Shoulder Pain?

When you hear a word pain, it means it is not a very comfortable thing to bear. Shoulder pains can be very bothering in anything you do, from basic chores to your job among other things, this is because our...

/ June 13, 2019
Low Maintenance Plants

Low Maintenance Plants

There's a reason we are calmer in nature. Being rooted in natural elements, away from the hustle and bustle that regular life (and technology) offers, allows us a chance to unwind and connect with ourselves instead of being in a...

/ June 9, 2019

What Are the Main Differences Between the Canadian Health Care System and the One That’s in Use in the U.S.A.?

Canada’s health care system comes up a lot in debates about U.S. health care. That’s because millions of Americans don’t have health insurance. On the other hand, Canada’s citizens benefit from a public health care system. Here are a few...

/ June 9, 2019

Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

In recent years, the laws surrounding medical marijuana in the United States have relaxed considerably. As a result, a number of cannabis products have entered the marketplace, whether for medical, health, and recreational use. CBD is one such product that...

/ June 4, 2019

Running: The Solution to Get Over Your Destructive Behavior

Though we may not be aware of it, each of us has some sort of self-destructive behavior. It could be a bad habit such as avoiding responsibilities or being too sensitive. Some of us may also let others take advantage...

/ June 2, 2019

Doctor Visits: Tips for Preparing Children

It’s no secret that children don’t like going to the doctor. For them, it’s a frightening experience that will potentially be painful and uncomfortable. They will do their best to avoid it even if it’s not up to them. Parents...

/ June 2, 2019

Overcoming the Biological Obstacles: 5 Alternative Ways to Have a Baby

When a couple is unable to successfully conceive a baby after a year of regularly trying, or after six months if the female is over the age of 35, we call this infertility. According to the Mayo Clinic, 10 to...

/ June 2, 2019