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Where Should You Seek Treatment?

Substance abuse is a problem that shows no signs of letting up. As of 2016, an estimated one in seven Americans met the criteria for what the US Surgeon General’s Office considers substance addiction. Some people struggle with an inability...

/ April 27, 2019

Does CBD Oil Work for Chronic Pain Management?

Each day, millions of people wake up with chronic pain. Instinctively, doctors prescribe various forms of pain management via prescription pads and referrals. But not all patients choose to follow this path of relief, and alternative medicine is growing more...

/ April 27, 2019

Quality and Quantity: 10 Signs You Aren’t Sleeping Well

Sleep deprivation is now one of the major concerns in public health as millions and millions of people around the world find themselves wide awake at 3 am. There are a number of reasons why you can't sleep at night...

/ April 25, 2019

Nurturing Nature: 12 Things You Can Do to Support Your Fertility

Couples that struggle with infertility feel as if there is nothing they can do about the problem. But there are several things both men and women can do to encourage optimum fertility. The first and most important thing a couple...

/ April 25, 2019

Golden Years: Essential Tips for Helping Your Elderly Parents

As Baby Boomers are entering the Golden Years, their Generation X children are entering a new phase in life: caring for their elderly parents. This is a new experience for a generation that is also busy caring for their own...

/ April 21, 2019

Getting Quality Medical Care: 9 Tips for Finding the Best Hospital When Traveling Abroad

You always hope and expect not to experience any medical issues while you are a visitor to a foreign land but if you suddenly find yourself in need of some urgent attention or treatment you will want to know that...

/ April 21, 2019

The Dark Corridors of the Human Soul: Is Alcoholism Connected to a Loss of Free Will?

There are many misconceptions regarding alcoholism’s role in losing free will. What individuals need to be aware of is that alcoholism is a disease. The disease of being an alcoholic directly preys on an individual’s free will because they are...

/ April 21, 2019

Snacking Strategies To Keep You Feeling Healthy This Spring

Have you ever tried to curb your snacking habits, but found yourself failing? Snacking is a huge habit that many of us find issues with, but with the right strategy in place, you can maintain your health and lose weight....

/ April 19, 2019

Getting the Nutrients into Your System: 10 Dietary Supplements That Will Do Wonders for Your Health

Achieving ultimate health is extremely hard these days and malnutrition is to blame. It’s vital to provide your body with essential nutrients to help it function properly. If you eat unhealthy food or you don’t consume enough vitamins and minerals,...

/ April 17, 2019

Mind Over Matter: How to Overcome Your Exercise Woes

Everyone knows that exercise is important, yet we often don’t do it enough. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults to get 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of rigorous aerobic exercise and two days’ worth of...

/ April 16, 2019