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Happy Sunday

10 Ways to Squash the Sunday Scaries

No matter how much you love what you do, there’s a good chance that you feel a twinge of disappointment when the weekend comes to an end. In fact, a poll by Monster showed that 76 percent of Americans experience...

/ March 9, 2019

How to Raise a Healthy Kid – 8 Things You Need To Do

Clean Dirty Surfaces and Wash Their Hands Regularly Even though you wash your hands regularly, germs are always around us. At work, for instance, we're still, albeit inadvertently, transferring bacteria from our computer keyboard or mobile phones to our mouths...

/ March 8, 2019
Stomach Vacuum Excercise

Belly Fat Exercises You Can Perform At Home

We all develop a little fat around our bellies as we grow older and life takes over everything else. Not only is it an unwelcome guest, but it also prevents us from getting back into that fitting dress or that...

/ March 2, 2019

5 healthiest food options for your holiday party

Thinking of an outdoor party this spring? A picnic perhaps or a special occasion party under a tent? Or maybe just an evening event for work colleagues. Hosts often have to deal with some big questions, especially when catering to...

/ March 2, 2019

5 Yoga Practices to Help You Score Well in Board Exams

There is no easy way of getting through your board exams, or any exams for that matter. But to prepare yourself for what is about to take place during your examination days, you will need to improve your focus and...

/ February 28, 2019
Money Management

6 Tips for Managing Your Finances When You Have a Chronic Illness

While managing personal finances can be challenging for anyone, people who live with a chronic illness often experience a unique set of financial challenges. A chronic disease is defined as a persistent condition that is long-lasting. Conditions like fibromyalgia and...

/ February 28, 2019

Fitness For The First Time – Where Do I Start

Therefore, you made a choice and set the goals. You finally decided to take up the mind, and your body seriously and regularly attend the gym. Of course, many questions immediately arise. What to wear? What is there to do?...

/ February 28, 2019

Avoid these 5 Mistakes While Purchasing Health Insurance

“Health Is Wealth!” We have heard this saying since our childhood. And truly, it gives more significant meaning to our lives, as health is considered as the most valuable asset for any individual. It not only refers to a disease-free...

/ February 28, 2019

Top 7 superfoods for kids to keep them healthy and active

The food industry is expanding and innovating exponentially but the honesty of this growth is questionable. Today, food adulteration has become a huge issue and there are commercial tricks and hidden agenda that spoil the integrity of fresh produce. From...

/ February 21, 2019

Tips When On a Ketogenic Diet

Incorporating the keto diet in your life can have many health benefits for your body. Keto diet has been proven to reduce weight loss, control seizures in kids and also reduce diabetes. These are not the only significant changes that...

/ February 20, 2019