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9 Tips on How to Help Your Baby Crawl

Babies grow quickly. You will be surprised at each milestone happening in a baby’s life. From kicking in the cradle to crawling to walking and eventually running. And most of the changes happen in the first year itself. On average,...

/ April 16, 2019

Inpatient or Outpatient? Why Residential Treatment Might Be Best for You

Detoxing from drug or alcohol addiction isn't easy but as part of any recovery plan, the decision to stop using is the first step. Immediately afterwards, the next course of action is to detox. For many addicts, this is a...

/ April 14, 2019

Is There Such a Thing as Physical Signs of Alzheimer’s? If So, What Are They?

Most people know that Alzheimer's is a memory and mental illness. However, there are physical signs that point to the debilitating disease. The cause of Alzheimer's has not been found, although the experts do know that the part of the...

/ April 14, 2019

Reasons Why You Need a Smile Makeover Immediately

Believe it or not, your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you. Your smile defines your personality. Your smile says a lot about you. A smile has the power to know a lot about your Oral...

/ April 11, 2019

Physical activity- ways it makes us stronger and calmer

One of the greatest killers in the modern world, at least for first world countries, is sitting. Or, rather, the inactivity we all face. We spend hour upon hour every day sitting down, behind a desk, in front of a...

/ April 11, 2019

Best way to keep the vagina clean and healthy

You pay attention to your skin, hair and body health. But, what about your vaginal health? Vaginal health is as important as any other body part. In fact, you should take special care of your vagina to keep it clean....

/ April 10, 2019

Melatonin Facts- The Hormone That Helps You Fall Asleep

You've probably heard of melatonin before, maybe not as a hormone but as a supplement. Now, it's time to learn what the sleep hormone, melatonin is about. What is Melatonin? Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland of...

/ April 9, 2019

Does CBD Help to Treat Dementia?

In the current years, many countries have legalized the use of cannabis mainly for medical purposes. This has come due to scientific research on the benefits of cannabis to human health. However, this chemical component of cannabis is used for...

/ April 7, 2019

20 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Do you always feel tired or suffer from poor gut health? It is quite possible that these are symptoms pointing towards sluggish metabolism. A slow metabolism can cause chronic fatigue, unexplained weight gain and other health issues. Here are some...

/ April 7, 2019

All About Green Tea

Green tea is set up from the leaves Camellia sinensis; this is before the oxidation procedure performed on the leaves. Green tea is a standout amongst the most used teas in China, with seven varieties, and is locally grown. Green...

/ April 7, 2019