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Music and health: 7 ways music therapy could make you healthy

Research has revealed that music can heal both your mental and physical health: it enhances your blood flow and relaxes your brain cells. It is surprising to know how we are born with the natural instinct to bifurcate between clatter...

/ December 11, 2018
How to Double Your Vacation Time With a Fabulous Wellness Retreat

How to Double Your Vacation Time With a Fabulous Wellness Retreat

When it comes to celebrating the New Year, many of us set goals or resolutions for ourselves in an effort to have a happier and healthier year. And after dealing with all the craziness of the holiday season and dealing...

/ December 11, 2018
performance coach

Here’s How You Could Benefit From a Career Performance Coach

Do you wake up on Monday morning excited to go to work? Or, do you immediately start counting down the minutes until Friday? If you're unhappy with your career or are feeling unfulfilled, you're not alone. A whopping 85 percent...

/ December 11, 2018
popular insomnia cures

Can’t sleep? We’ve reviewed 20 of the most popular insomnia cures.

“Have you tried Valerian root? Warm milk? Counting sheep?” It seems like whenever someone talks about their insomnia, there’s another person ready with a handful of different “natural” solutions. But which ones really work, and which ones are actually backed...

/ December 9, 2018

Senior Living: Most Common Elderly Health Issues

Many people consider their senior years as the best time of their lives: you’re retired, have plenty of time to dedicate to your interests and all the wisdom in the world! However, growing older is not so smooth after all....

/ December 9, 2018

Osteopathy: An Effective Alternative To Conventional Medicine

Osteopathy is a drug-free approach to medicine. By manipulating and kneading the musculoskeletal framework of the body, osteopathy is able to remedy the complications of both minor and major illnesses. Osteopaths understand that the body is capable of self-healing if...

/ December 6, 2018

How can home and garden improvements save human health and our money?

Our home is a place where we should feel safe and comfortable. It's the place where we can be ourselves, relaxed and free of worries. So, it's no wonder each one of us is trying to make our homes suit...

/ December 6, 2018

Health Benefits of Sleeping on the Right Mattress

Although we spend a third of our lives asleep, we rarely pay enough attention to sleep that it deserves. We simply quite often take it for granted and tend to sacrifice it to have more time for other things. Of...

/ December 5, 2018

5 Best Juice Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

Are you looking for a powerful weight loss plan? Are you tired of using so-called fad diets and weight loss pills? Then this is the time to try something better; something that is tested and proven to be effective; something...

/ December 1, 2018

Ways to Keep Elderly Parents Happy and Engaged

If you’ve started noticing that your parents’ behavior has changed, that they aren’t as optimistic as they once were and they’re having a hard time coping with the changes you’re going through, it might be time for you to step...

/ November 30, 2018