OTC Drugs

Healthier Alternatives and Remedies to OTC Drugs

We’ve all read the articles and seen the lists that tell us what we “must have” on hand in our medicine cabinet, in the off chance of a toothache, fever, or case of indigestion. While many OTC drugs become daily...

/ January 14, 2017
Health and Safety in the Workplace

7 Easy Ways to Promote Health and Safety in the Workplace

In the modern workplace, health and safety can easily get ignored. Management and staff alike often focus too much on productivity, neglecting the human side of their daily space. While getting work done is of course the primary purpose of...

/ January 14, 2017
Your Immune System

8 Ways You Are Damaging Your Immune System

Our immune system is our body’s natural line of defense against harmful microorganisms that can cause diseases and infections. It involves a lot of biological structures and processes inside your body, and they can recognize millions of unwanted microbes and...

/ January 14, 2017

Sugar: Our love/hate relationship

It's late in the evening after a hard day at work. You’re finally relaxing at home watching the latest episode of your favorite TV show. Almost subconsciously you reach out to the box of chocolate candies lying on the table...

/ January 13, 2017

7 Tips on Choosing a Facial Oil for your skin type

Facial oils come in different types and they are made to work on different skin types. For example, there are oils made specifically for people with dry skin while others are made for people with oily skin. We all have...

/ January 10, 2017

How Long Does Weed Stay in your System?

You have just finished College and can’t wait to start your life as an employed productive individual on this God's green earth. You slot in a few applications and hit a jackpot! You have been invited for an interview. The...

/ January 5, 2017
Safe Ways to Fast

Safe Ways to Fast

Fasting is not only done by people of certain religions. In fact, everybody can fast. There are some ways for fasting. The first is that you do not need to fast all day long. You may for example, have regular...

/ December 20, 2016
women art

Five Ways to Safeguard Your Health in 2017

Keeping yourself safe throughout your daily routines can sometimes be a challenge. For those of us who are busier and have a lot of tasks to complete throughout the week, keeping ourselves safe and protected from health hazards may be...

/ December 15, 2016
Portrait of a doctor

Monitoring the Patients Heart Health with Routine ECG Testing

Many people consider high blood pressure and pretty much any other kind of cardiovascular disease as traitorous ailments. Their onset produces very few palpable and detectable symptoms but could actually result in instant death, especially in the case of sudden...

/ December 15, 2016
Young Women With Weight Measurable Tape

Surprising Secrets You Have to Know About Omni Diet

Some of you may wonder what omni diet is. It is a plant-based diet discovered by Tana Amen. Omni diet is more or less like vegetarian. But you can still eat meat products in omni diet. The key here is...

/ December 12, 2016