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6 Various Types of Foot Diseases Treated in A Foot Clinic

Podiatry is a branch of medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the foot and the lower extremities of the human body. A foot clinic provides treatment for a plethora of foot diseases. These clinics are...

/ May 15, 2018

Don’t Just Walk it Off: Dealing with a Broken Foot

Breaking any bone, or damaging tissue in any part of your body can certainly make life a little more difficult. If nothing else, it can be a major inconvenience to adjust to an injury in order to resume normal function....

/ December 3, 2017

10 Health Benefits of taking a Foot Massage

Taking care of your foot is mandatory as they are the essential part of the body that does a lot of work, it's important that you keep your feet flexible and strong to withstand any hurdles and to travel safely...

/ August 22, 2017
Common Foot Conditions

6 Common Foot Conditions Caused by Being on Your Feet a Lot

As a result of being on your feet a lot, one can suffer quite a number of conditions. I once had corns and calluses and i simply would not want anyone to go through a similar predicament to mine. As...

/ May 19, 2017
Foot Odor

How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor

We all know that having smelly feet can strongly hit our confidence when we are at a social event, a date, or a vacation trip. According to the podiatrists at the Advocate Medical Group, the main cause of foot odor...

/ February 13, 2017