10 Food Items We Must Avoid In Daily Life

You are what you eat! This is the quote we all have grown up listening to. Yet, along the way, life happens and we become too busy for maintaining a healthy diet. Due to the hectic schedules, we might face, there is a huge probability that we end up munching on fast foods. This has caused two-thirds of the adult population to either be overweight or obese. Due to negligible nutritional value these unhealthy foods possess, our energy levels see a dip and the strength goes for a toss. But, you do not have to fret anymore. This article intends to provide you with a list of foods that you must avoid in your daily lives, in order to remain invigorated and upbeat all throughout the day.

delicious-pizzaAlmost entirely made up of wheat flour, pizzas can be detrimental to health. Since it is processed, wheat flour is devoid of any nutrients that are rather present in the whole wheat. The wheat germ and the bran are removed during the processing of wheat, which is rich in dietary fibers. Apart from these, a study proves that it can also play harm to the blood sugar levels by suddenly spiking it, thereby harming the pancreas. Hence, not only are pizzas dangerous for diabetic patients but are so for all. Pizzas are also loaded with sauces and cheese, which are themselves packed with sugar and preservatives. They thus wreck a havoc on the digestive system. Therefore, it is best to avoid pizzas for a fit and nourished body on a regular basis.

Packed Juices
tomato-juice-carton-cardboard-box-packAlthough juices are considered to be healthy, the truth is actually quite opposite to it. It is a misnomer that packed juices are only full of nutrients. They might contain nutrients such as Vitamin C and antioxidants in small amounts but are mostly loaded with huge quantities of sugar. In fact, they contain as much sugar as any other fizzy drink in the market. It is known to cause ailments such as tooth decay, weight gain and increase the risk of heart disorders. Hence, it is imperative for your health to only consume fresh juices, that too occasionally, or a better alternative it to consume fruits containing vitamin c for a nourished and healthy lifestyle.

Vegetable Oils
vegetable-oilThe name might exude confidence in that vegetable oils are healthy. But that is far from the reality. Vegetable oils such as soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil and sunflower oil are extremely high in omega-6 fatty acids. This proves to have an effect on the balance of fats required in the body. Moreover, vegetable oils are processed before they are sold in the market, thereby are ripped of the nutritional value. A study suggests that they also contain high amounts of a compound called eicosanoids, which are known to cause inflammation and cardiovascular problems in the body. It is thus recommended to gradually shift from vegetable oils and embrace healthy oils such as coconut oil and olive oil.

Baked Foods
lemon-squares-on-baking-paperBaked foods such as pastries, cakes, and biscuits have become an intrinsic part of our diets nowadays. At the same time, we must make a choice between these baked foods and our health. This is so because these foods comprise ingredients like processed wheat flour, sugar, and refined oils. All these ingredients collectively cause great harm to the body. Not only do these foods lead to a massive fat gain in the body but also cause detriment to the immune system of the body. Hence, it is imperative to avoid these tasty treats and ensure a good cardiovascular health.

Fried Foods
fast-food-meals-at-sandwich-bar-fries-and-colaPotato chips, french fries, patties and so on are all fried before they are served. Besides, they are loaded with high amounts of salt. Thus, eating such foods have a deleterious effect on the arteries and cause bloating in the body. Since these foods are exceedingly rich in carbohydrates and calories, these fried foods increase the fat in the body, thereby leading to an unwanted weight gain. Due to the presence of carcinogenic substances, the growth of cancer cells in the body can be linked to high consumption of these foods. A research performed by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center also proves that. So ditch that fried stuff you have been eyeing and opt for healthy foods.

Ice creams
delicious-assorted-ice-cream-in-bowlOur sweet tooth makes us desire a delicious ice cream treat almost on a daily basis. Although they please the taste buds, they have certain demerits when it comes to health. Ice creams are made up of ingredients such as sugar, cream, milk and vanilla extract. Due to its high-fat content, it can provoke the growth of cardiovascular diseases. Ice creams are also sources of high cholesterol and saturated fats, which are extremely difficult to burn and can cause anxiousness in the body due to a sudden increase in the blood sugar. It is therefore recommended not to indulge in ice creams too often for the management of healthy weight and clear skin.

White Bread
white-bread-on-a-trayThe white bread we consume almost regularly is not healthy one bit. The core ingredient used in its preparation is refined wheat flour. Not only is the wheat flour depraved of essential nutrients, it is responsible for badly affecting the blood sugar levels. Besides, it is a high source of gluten, which can spur the onset of the celiac disease in those who are gluten-sensitive. Hence, remove white bread from your diet and instead choose whole wheat bread for living healthy.

colorful-candyLoaded with sugar, candies are not as healthy as they are tasty. Since they are primarily prepared with boiled sugar, candies are not a source of important nutrients of the body. It does not contain any vitamin and minerals but instead causes deposition of fat in the liver. A study reported that high consumption of sugar can lead to diabetes and cancer, besides damaging the immune system of the body. As many as 1 in 3 U.S. adults shall suffer from diabetes by the year 2050, as per a research. Therefore, neither should you eat candies yourself nor encourage your children to eat them.

Processed Meat
chopped-raw-meatThe meat that is preserved by the processes such as salting, canning, drying or smoking is called processed meat. It includes sausages, bacon, canned meat and ham among others. They are disadvantageous to our health because of their ability to cause chronic diseases in the body. Not only do they increase the risk of bowel and stomach cancer but can also provoke heart diseases, hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the body. It is thus the need of the hour to limit your intake of the processed meat and witness your body getting fitter over time.

hand-of-cook-adding-herbs-and-cooking-pieMargarine is one of those foods that are full of trans fat and cholesterol. It comprises hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is known to rapidly increase the LDL, also called the ‘bad’ fats in the body. Consumption of margarine also puts your heart at risk, due to its tendency to block the arteries in the body. Thus, opt for grass-fed butter instead for a nourished and healthy body.

It can be incredibly difficult to do without these foods all of a sudden. They are vastly available nowadays and allow us to grab a quick bite. They are highly detrimental to our health at the same time. 70% of morbidity and deaths are largely lifestyle-related and preventable. Hence, with sheer willingness and an absolute concern for your health, you can gradually weed these unhealthy foods out of your diet on a daily basis.

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Jessica is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, She Believes that a healthy diet is a key to healthy living.