15 best indoor plants for sleep

Sleep is important to our overall health and quality of life. It’s a restorative process that helps repair muscles and restore energy, making it essential to our overall physical and mental health. In fact, studies have linked sleep insufficiency to greater risk of developing several diseases, including hypertension, diabetes and depression. Sleep is even related to our overall happiness and emotional well-being!

Despite the importance of getting a good night’s rest, each night millions of people struggle to fall and stay asleep. Reasons for sleeplessness vary, from stress and anxiety to sleep disorders, like sleep apnea or insomnia.

Luckily, there are many natural remedies you can use to promote sleep. One such way is to add an indoor plant to your bedroom. Many houseplants have sleep-promoting powers—like jasmine, which reduces sleep movement and increases next-day energy, and lavender, which lowers the heart rate and relaxes the mind.

The team over at Dromma Bed created an infographic outlining the 15 best indoor plants for sleep. Check it out to learn more about the sleep-improving powers of indoor plants, and place one in your bedroom for a better sleep tonight!

15 best indoor plants for sleep

Infographic Source: https://drommabed.com/blog/best-plants-for-sleep/