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7 Advances in Medical Technology That Are Revolutionizing the Industry

Medical technology advances so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up with all the new techniques, strategies, and procedures for treating patients. These are what we’ll explore in this article, so we hope you’ll find it as engaging as we do.

There is no ranking here, especially since these categories tend to intersect. Nor is this an exclusive list. With the massive amount of innovation taking place in medicine and healthcare, this list might go on forever.

Medical Technology at the End of the 2010s: 7 Examples of Innovation

medical-network-connectionIt is important to point out at the start that the items discussed here fall into two main, and overlapping, categories:

  • Innovations that could be considered direct interventions such as those affecting medical procedures or new healthcare therapies
  • Innovations that affect the organizational structure and systems for providing medical care since these are needed to ensure that the direct interventions will actually reach–and help–those who need them

The first innovation we’ll look at might be pretty low-tech; however, we see it as a probable beneficiary of other technologies and structural improvements discussed here.