7 amazing way to deal with obesity

Modernization has made our life very comfortable. People now choose to ride or drive instead of walking if they want to go to the market even to run small errands, Same ways kids prefer to play games on their I pads and smart phones instead of going to the playground to play basketball or baseball. Thus according to today’s lifestyle obesity is a very common health related issue that most of the people around the world are facing. There is no specific age group which lies under this problem, from school going kids to working people all fall in this category. Although modernization is not a bad thing but it is good only if we utilize the resources in a positive manner.

Positive attitude will give you the best result

i-can-do-itMany of us are facing this overweight problem many times we tried different things but failed to achieve our goal. It is all because we deal with the problem with a wrong attitude and we think we can lose our weight within a month or two which is totally a wrong concept. Your gained weight is not the result of one day or couple of days eating; we even don’t know from how long time we are eating unhealthy food. So one thing that you must clarify to yourself while dealing with obesity is that it is a long process you need to change your eating habit and other daily activities and need to stick on them strictly with a positive attitude until or unless you don’t reach your set target . During the whole journey you can affirm yourself that yes “you can and you will “.

Track your weight and make plans accordingly

senior-runners-in-nature-stretching-manYour self evaluation is the most important thing in order to lose weight hence you should track your weight after a certain time interval. For that you should make notes in your diary, notepad or mobile phone. This will help you to have an exact figure of how much you lose and how much you need to loose and hence you can make your plans accordingly.

Add colors in your food

colorful dietIn today’s lifestyle people are very busy in their work, they don’t have time to think what food they should take and hence they prefer ready made food which is easily available in the surroundings and saves their time. But if you want to lose weight you need to be very conscious on every intake. For that you need to include varieties of colors in your food which will gives you enough nutrients. So you must include food like:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Whole grains
  • Legumes

For weight loss it is essential to have a balanced diet which provides you enough vitamins and minerals. During this you need to exclude oily foods, sugar, baked items, processed food, white bread, specially burger, pizza and soft drinks.

Selection of snacks

Healthy snacksWe can control our meals and switch toward healthy diet plan but we tend to ignore what kind of snacks we are consume throughout the day. As in the day time we are busy at office or school and eat unconsciously packed or processed food. These foods are very harmful for our body as they contain only trans- fat which is not good for health and increases our weight. Therefore it becomes necessary to make a proper selection of snacks .You can prepare snacks by yourself there are many snack options like yogurt, dry fruits, boiled egg, or fruits these are healthy and also keep you energized for the whole day.

Exclude liquid calories from your diet

hamburger-and-glass-of-colaToday has become a trend to drink soft drinks. People prefer to take a soft drink over normal water and this all happens because of excess of advertisement they see on their favorite media promoting these and think these are the best products for them. But the fact is these liquid contain lot of calories which are one of the common causes of obesity.One should exclude liquid calories like sweetened soda, tea, juices or alcohol from their diet if they want to lose their weight. These kinds of liquids have almost zero nutrient benefits and hence they are also known as empty calories. Excess intake is one of the reasons of weight gain. So it should be avoided and instead of these one can go with smoothies, green tea, black coffee, fresh lemon juice or simple water. These kinds of drinks are good for health and helpful for weight loses.

Exercise is the key to overcome obesity

exerciseOver weight is the result of our many years of wrong life style and hence it is not cured only via opting for a healthy diet. We need to put in extra efforts which can burn fat to get the best result. Therefore we need to include exercises in our life. 30 minutes – 1 hour a day is important to get rid of obesity, during this time you can opt for any physical activity like:

  • Running , cycling or walking
  • Cardio
  • Dance class
  • Swimming
  • Gym
  • Yoga
  • Outdoor games

It is totally up to you and your comfort. Apart from that you can also make small changes in your daily activity like using stairs instead of lift or park vehicle a bit far from your office and take a walk. These small things help a lot in weight loss.

Go with surgery

nurse-taking-patient-on-gurney-into-surgeryLast but not the least option to fight against obesity is plastic Surgery. As medical science makes so much advancement that it gives solution for any sort of human problem. We can utilize their services also and get the best result. You can consult a doctor and let them know why you are not able to lose weight by physical activity or diet plans. They will examine you and give you suggestions accordingly. Obesity is not a serious disease it can be cured easily if one works on it faithfully.

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