7 Essential Oils That Support Women’s Health

Essential oils have many uses, including cleaning, deodorizing and freshening, but they can also be used to address specific women’s health issues. Women have been using oils extracted from plants and herbs for centuries–for things like beautification and healing. Aromas can have a profound impact on your health as a woman. They work by stimulating the olfactory nerve, which is connected to the emotional part of the brain. Scents can immediately affect your emotions, mood, induce relaxation, ease pain and can help different bodily systems to function at their best. There are so many ways to use essential oils to promote your health, but don’t take my word for it–go ahead and try them for yourself. Here are a few of our favorites.


jasmine-oilJasmine has traditionally been called the “King of Oils,” but in this case, we will refer to it as the “Queen.” Jasmine is Persian for “a gift from god,” and the benefits prove this essential oil lives up to its namesake. It’s been used to address women’s health issues for centuries and promotes feelings of relief during times of hormone-related imbalances. One study even showed that jasmine could decrease uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause.

When you incorporate it into your beauty routine, it can reduce the appearance of time on the skin, including marks associated with childbirth. It can also help women feel more attractive from the inside out because it acts as a mood-enhancing oil. Jasmine blooms at night and is sometimes referred to as “queen of the night” by women who use it to promote arousal.


rosemary-essential-oilCypress essential oil is an exceptionally unique oil for promoting women’s health. It supports the balancing of the circulatory system which regulates bleeding, therefore promoting feelings of lightness during heavy menstrual flow. This same action can benefit the skin to help warm and support circulation. Cypress oil has a calming effect on the emotions and physical body and can promote a healthy nervous system. It’s an excellent oil to blend into a carrier and massage into the abdomen, or anywhere you’d like to see an improvement in the clarity of your skin.


pink-geranium-flowerAs women, we can sometimes feel out of balance when our hormones change. It happens to women of every age from puberty to menopause. Geranium is excellent for finding and maintaining a sense of balance when your hormones aren’t cooperating. It can also help support a healthy digestive system during times of abdominal disruption associated with the menstrual cycle. Geranium essential oil can also promote feelings of stability and calmness during periods of moodiness. Hormonal changes tend to have an effect on the skin, and geranium can help rebalance skin and reduce the appearance of redness.

Clary Sage

essential-oilsClary sage gets its name from the old Latin word for “clear.” Calling it “clear eyes,” people in the Middle Ages used clary sage to help with vision problems and to bring relief to tired eyes. Today, women use it to promote a healthy reproductive system and menstruation. Symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle can be rough, and clary sage can improve the way you feel during that time of the month. Clary sage is also very calming and helpful on days you are feeling anxious or sad. It makes a great addition to a relaxing bath or diluted in a carrier oil and massaged on the abdomen.

Wild Orange

orange-oilWild orange has a fantastic citrusy sweet aroma that can support healthy skin and promote a robust immune system. Its most significant health benefit to women is the positive impact it can have on your mind and your heart. It energizes and uplifts your emotions, which can promote a boost in energy and increase your ability to appreciate the goodness around you. It can help release feelings of scarcity and the fear of not having enough while promoting creativity and playfulness. It can also be added to your favorite natural household cleaners to keep your kitchen smelling fantastic and germ-free.


essential-oils-and-lavenderLavender is a favorite essential oil among women for its ability to promote clean skin and healthy hair. It also has an uncanny ability to boost mood and ease stress. It supports a healthy immune system and a properly functioning digestive system. It also can promote feelings of balance during your menstrual cycle. You can even use it at bedtime to promote restful sleep. There isn’t much this power-packed essential oil can’t help you achieve. It can make us feel better and more able to face everyday challenges of life.


fresh-incense-twig-on-wooden-backgroundFrankincense has been used in rituals since the time of the Babylonians and favored historically in Ayurvedic medcine for many purposes, including female hormonal issues. It’s a fragrant essential oil that can promote a healthy reproductive system in women. It can help you feel more balanced during times of hormonal upheaval and encourage regularity in your monthly cycle. It can also develop feelings of comfort and ease during the time in a woman’s life when her reproductive system begins to ebb and help women develop a healthy immune system as they age.

Final Thoughts

Many oils can be beneficial to women who want to live a healthy lifestyle, so don’t limit yourself to this list. Try experimenting with blends and methods of incorporating these oils into your routine. The simplest way to enjoy them is to inhale directly from the bottle, but diffusing allows you to enjoy their aromas throughout your home or office. Try mixing a few of these oils with your favorite carrier oil and practice abdominal massage when you are experiencing discomfort associated with your cycle. Any oil that puts you in a good mood will be of great benefit because happy and healthy go hand in hand.