Quick Weight Loss – 8 Ways to Drop 5 Pounds in a Week

A person’s weight must not be taken for granted, even if they are prone to hurtful fat or body-shaming comments.

There’s more going into putting on some extra pounds and lowering the expectations of folks who are close to you; your health could be liable to experience or contract heart diseases and strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney and liver diseases and other types of cancers.

Therefore, in order to enjoy a long and prosperous life, you need to cut back on those calories. But this doesn’t mean you have to seriously starve yourself, engage in bulimia, take up illegal weight loss supplements or overdo workout routines.

We suggest you try out a week-long workout routine that can help you lose about 5 pounds. We have carefully listed over 8 fitness methods that have been backed by nutritionist experts. But while, every activity in this routine is crucial tipping the weighing scale back a couple of needles, doing all of them at once could be detrimental to your health. So instead, go with at least four of them for now and if you feel up to it, you could add in one or two more.

1. Jump from Carbs to Greens

seeded-wholemeal-loaf-with-tomatoes-and-chicoryM.D. Jana Klauer, author of The Park Avenue Nutritionist’s Plan says that the small amounts of carbs found in spaghetti, white rice and sandwich rolls are bad for your health because they are digested in an instant that can leave you hungry and cause you to overeat afterwards.

You could try opting for whole-grain bread products, which are healthier, but also contain filling fibers that can at times cause bloating, try leaning on vegetables for a week. And instead of rice, try grating some cauliflower to get cauliflower rice.

We also suggest going for carrots, instead of chips, to go with your dip. Carrots have complex carbs that are digested slowly so you won’t go hungry again soon. Vegetables can also push out the extra water weight in your stomach since they’re full of water themselves.

2. Make Water Your Only Drink

young-girl-drinks-waterIt’s important to stay amply hydrated if you’re serious about losing weight. Even though we feel refreshed with sports or energy drink, or a fruit smoothie, they’re no good to us in the end. Not only do these drinks contain over a 100 calories per serving, they’re not as satisfactory as a 100-calorie food serving. Hence, they’re a huge waste. Other drinks that are high on sodium for instance, can make your body think like its retaining water, but is actually exhausting you.

In water however, you will find no carbs, calories and minute or zero sodium as well. In addition to that, water also pushes out the excess water weight in your body and gives your metabolism the start it needs, making it the most ideal fitness drink for you.

If you want to make your water drink more interesting, then use an infuser to add some mint leaves or lemon wedges into it.

3. An Hour Before Workout, Drink Coffee

female-hands-with-coffee-drinkFor those who cringed at the thought of only being able to drink water and no other beverage, it’s safe to say that coffee can join the fitness regimen as well. According to Dr. Klauer, consuming a cup of coffee an hour before workout with over 11 calories of milk or 5 calories of black can really pump you up. She adds that you will be burning so many calories without even realizing it.

4. Do a 30-minute Daily Cardio

young-handsome-man-doing-cardio-training-in-gymAccording to the Crunch’s Polk Street gym personal-training manager Wendy Larkin, cardio routine is what you need to really burn those calories when it engages a number of muscles all at once.

There are three types of cardio routines to consider: cardio kickboxing, spinning and boot-camp workouts. If you spend over half an hour with any of these, you can easily cut down 200-300 calories as well as tone your legs, arms and core.

Aside from that, you can burn more calories with these sessions if you include interval training, which is incorporating short bursts of extreme cardio with slower workout. If you’re not sure about it yourself, then get in touch with a private tutor who does.

5. Get 30-minutes of Extra Sleep at Night

a-man-sleeping-on-a-bedEsther Blum, author of Eat, Drink and be Gorgeous, recommends that getting an extra half hour of sleep at night can will not make you feel lethargic or skip out on gym and help you make better food choices. The perfect sleep cycle (7-8 hours) can also boost your metabolism. Furthermore, getting more sleep actually builds your muscle tone better.

6. Perform 36 Push-ups and Lunges

woman-doing-pushing-upsAttending your private tutor’s gym classes on a regular basis can tone your muscles even further. Just be sure to perform three sets of 12 push-ups and lunges for your buttocks, hips and thighs the other day as Larkin advises. Just be sure to keep your back and legs in a straight line during push-ups to improve your muscle tone. Lunges can help build more muscles as well, so long as you hold free weights in each of your hands during the routine.

7. Bite on Salmon

raw-salmon-filletsIf you like sea food, then salmon is going to be your new best friend. It is teeming with nutrients that not give your skin a healthy glow, but it also helps tone your muscles. There are some nutritionists who argue that eating a portion of it can instantly make your face look more contoured.

8. Do Squats and Sit-ups

outdoor-deep-squatYou may have heard about this every once and a while; it is a technique used by bodyguards to give their muscles more definition. Ensure that you do three sets of 12 of each exercise for tightening up your buttocks, abs and legs for a limited time. Make sure to follow this routine up with your private tutor to give you a completely new and toned up appearance.

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