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Alcohol Detoxing Techniques

When it comes to treating alcohol disorders, everyone has different requirements depending on the symptoms an individual has and the extent of their condition. Alcohol abuse can range from mild to severe addiction, and the type of care an individual requires differs depending on where they sit on that spectrum. For some people who are struggling with alcohol dependency, there’s also the issue of withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking which can cause horrible side effects on the body and mind. That’s where detoxing comes in – detoxing on its own isn’t a treatment, but it is a vital step for people who are overcoming their struggle with alcohol.

What Does a Detox Involve?

winter-seasonal-smoothie-drink-detox-in-bottleDetox programmes typically include these features:

  • Intake exams so the team treating you can determine what support you need. This might also involve blood tests, discussions about medical history and check-ups to test your physical and mental health.
  • Detox support such as medication to treat severe withdrawal symptoms and ongoing care for any other issues that might arise throughout the detox period.
  • Assistance to get into a treatment programme to overcome addiction.

The goal of detox support is to make sure you’re as stable as possible, both physically and mentally, so this may also involve checks of your temperature, heart rate, breathing pattern and blood pressure.