The Data Points that Show Alcohol’s Impact on the Body

New research is proving that alcohol is far more dangerous to human health than anticipated. While we’ve long recognized that alcohol consumption leads to liver damage, among other health issues, we’re now finding out that the consumption of alcohol raises your risks of developing certain types of cancers. In this latest post, our team at The Law Firm highlights the danger alcohol can pose for human health.

Smokers Significantly Increase their Risk of Throat and Mouth Cancer

This data shows that smokers have a higher risk of developing both throat and mouth cancer if they drink more than an average amount of alcohol. The increased risk is higher than if the person simply used either alcohol or tobacco on its own.

It’s imperative if you smoke and drink to find a way to cut down on both activities to safeguard your health.

Each Additional Drink Per Week Adds a 10% Risk

Women who drink three drinks per week have a 15% higher risk of developing breast cancer. This risk increases by 10% with each drink.

This highlights the clear link between alcohol and one of the most common causes of death for women across North America.

Cancer Deaths Worldwide Linked with Alcohol Consumption

5.8% of breast cancer deaths worldwide are now directly linked with alcohol consumption. And studies show that drinking 7 units of alcohol or more a week significantly increases a person’s chances of developing breast cancer.

It’s incredibly important to understand the damage alcohol can do to the body. To discover more data behind the links between alcohol and cancer, take a look at this newest infographic.

Alcohol’s Impact on the Body

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