Back to School Means Back to a Healthy Routine

There’s no doubt about it: summer can wreak havoc on your routine. There’s just something about the call of the sun and sand that makes you throw in the towel and confess you’ll pick up your socks in September. Well, September is almost here folks, and it’s time to make good on that promise to yourself to get back into your healthy living routine. Think of it as an early New Year’s Eve resolution as many people consider September to be another period of new beginnings and commitment. Here’s how you can get back into the swing of things without feeling like you’ve lost all your ambition over the summer.

Start Slow

in-spiral-slow-journeyAh, sage advice. Everyone recommends starting slow, but few people actually follow this advice. We go hard right out of the gate thinking that a few months on our butts at the beach isn’t going to impact our ability to get back into shape. Unfortunately, and as you may have already found out this year, or in previous years, it only takes a few days or weeks of being out of your routine to throw your efforts out of whack.

So rather than set yourself up for disappointment and frustration, consider actually taking your time this September and ease yourself back into your exercise routine. To facilitate this, why not try a totally new exercise routine? There’s no better way to slow your roll than to pick up a new exercise that requires you to take your time and learn it before you jump in head first.

Eat Something New

fun-group-toasting-wine-glasses-while-cookingIn the same vein as picking up a new exercise to ease into your routine, why not try cooking with a new food this September. The autumn season is well known for its pumpkin and squash recipes, but don’t forget about all the other vegetables that you have at your disposal this time of year. If you live in a place where you can get fresh vegetables, try something new. Supermarket vegetables will do just fine, but to kickstart your routine, take the time to pick and choose your food choices carefully so you’ll feel more engaged with the process of cooking and it will help boost your healthy eating routines again.

Mixing it up also helps to improve your metabolism, and you might even find your new favorite food. All good things to help you get back into the swing of things in September. If the kiddos are heading back to school and you are looking forward to some scheduled routine in your day again, why not start now and get out of bed in the morning to plan your meals and get your exercise in first thing in the morning? You’ll be glad you did later.

Set the Alarm

woman-winding-retro-alarm-clockWhile summer months might mean more sleep for you and your family, it’s important to try to get ready for the school year ahead – and a return to work if you’ve been off for a few weeks. Get ready for routine in your life again by starting to set the alarm clock a few weeks ahead of schedule. If you’ve been sleeping until 10 am every morning because you’re on vacation, give yourself a few days to get back into the routine of getting up at 7 am – or earlier if needed – so that you don’t look like you got hit by a truck on your first day back to work.

Of course, sleep helps your body heal, and it allows your body to digest food that was eaten throughout the day and provides you with the renewed energy you need to kick ass and take names the next morning. So if you know you need more sleep, go to bed earlier, but get up early to make the most of your day and your healthy living routine.

Get The Crew Involved

happy-woman-celebrating-birthdayTrying to incorporate routine back into your life is hard enough, so don’t try to go it alone. Get your family members on board by having a family meeting to talk about how fun the summer was and discuss the importance of developing a good routine in September. Ask everyone for their ideas about meals, activities, and even bedtimes for the kids. The more involved people are in planning, the more likely they are to participate in the execution of those plans. If you have elderly parents living with you that benefit from the CDPAP program, then your routine is likely to be intact because you are helping your family members maintain their routines. So be sure to include everyone in this process.

If you don’t have a partner or kids to wrangle into shape this September, get your friends together and start planning what the autumn is going to look like for everyone. Agree on days of the week for walks, socializing, movies, or whatever it is that you want to make more time for when the warmer weather fades away.

Don’t Fall Off the Wagon to Begin With

time-for-relaxHere’s a crazy idea: why bother letting your healthy living routine go out the door at all during the summer? After all, we have more time, more light, and more energy during the summer so why should we allow ourselves to become weighed down with heavy, fatty foods that just leave us feeling horrible? Why shouldn’t we make the most of our summer months and get outside and get in some steps? Try hiking a new trial, swimming in a new lake, or taking a road trip where you pre-plan and pack all the food you will eat for a few days to stay on track. There’s no reason to let yourself off the hook just because it’s summer when you can use the nice weather to your advantage.

Plus, when it’s hotter, we tend to eat less food so when it is time to eat, make choices that reflect the healthy lifestyle you want to live and grab the watermelon and grapes before the cookies and beer. So whatever September brings for you, be ready for it by committing to getting back into a healthy lifestyle, and if you haven’t fallen off the wagon over the summer, good on ya! Try adding something new to your routine just to have something to look forward to – September really is a great time of year to start again and level up your routines.