Benefits of Using a Cooling Pillow for Your Sleep

Those who generally sleep well may encounter problems during summer nights. Cooling the room where you sleep is a plus. However, our body and especially our head eliminates heat which leads to discomfort and even insomnia issues. This explains why cooling pillows have been invented and how they earned popularity in a short time after the first such products appeared.

All of us had gone through periods when unrestful sleep and its consequences were visible not just on our faces but for the overall health. Such concerns which appear due to heat are the reasons why cooling pillows are beneficial for one’s state of mind and energy level. Some experts in sleep sciences promote these pillows for all types of side, belly and back sleepers. Today we investigate and discuss what makes such products truly useful for your sleep, instead of just being just some other marketing hacks.

Choosing the Best Cooling Pillow
desk-lamp-with-pillow-and-bedCooling pillows appeared as responses to the need of eliminating hot flashes and night sweats that interfere with sleep. They also need to be comfortable. However, before looking into the benefits of cooling pillow, you should make sure that you purchase a product that best fits your needs. Finding the best products implies a research work that also includes checking what other buyers have said about them. According to Today Best Reviews, the best cooling pillow is the SleepBetter Iso-Cool which you can read more about in this article. By looking into what an appreciated product offers, you also discover what you want from a pillow.

Generally, cooling pillows absorb head while balancing your head’s temperature throughout the night, regardless of changes in the room. Some adjust to the outer temperature and then leave you with a comfortable cooling feel. There are many products available, yet buyers should first acknowledge the technology they use to make sure of their efficiency. Cooling pillows usually use gel, memory foam or water. Memory foam is soft and comfortable, while gel focuses on ventilation and chill. Cooling pillows might contain one of the above materials or come in more layers that you can adjust. Some of them have contour versions which handle both your head and neck. Body alignment is essential for sleep quality.

Falling Asleep Quicker
Woman sleeping in bedWhen you try to fall asleep and fail, you switch positions and sides a few times. This affects your sleep and generates heat. Cooling pillows increase your falling asleep speed by ensuring a higher degree of comfort. Although it feels like you’ve found a relaxation haven in the desert, the pad doesn’t cool beyond your preferences. By balancing the head’s temperature, it also provides your entire body with comfort. Your head won’t feel like an iceberg while your arms and legs are warm like fire.

According to a study, those who use a cooling pillow spend three-quarter less time trying to fall asleep, in comparison with people who sleep on regular products. This also ensures more sleeping time and more rest.

Health Benefits of Cooling Pillows
young-mother-with-a-small-girl-at-home-havingResting your head and shoulders on a material of an optimal temperature helps you have a continuous sleep. Such rest makes you look better and feel more energetic. However, there are also diseases you avoid just by sleeping. Moving and talking during your sleep, including changing positions are metabolic symptoms which can lead to disease. You prevent concerns which are hard to track due to lack of sleep. Moreover, premium cooling pillows are made of materials that keep germs and bacteria away from your head and neck. Usually, two-thirds of the microbes available on a pillow consist of dead skin cells we release during sleep. Such products typically help ventilation and ensure the release of germs that come from dead skin cells. You can remove them from the pillow easier.

Postmodern medical science promotes a regular and sound sleep as a means to protect your mental health. Restful sleep should be continuous and calm. Moreover, your sleeping environment enriches the potential of your brain to focus throughout the day and increases your patience level.

Pillows Protect Against Insomnia
Girl unable to sleepInsomnia is a disease that is both time-consuming and risky for your mental health. When such a condition becomes chronic, it’s also hard to control and heal. You change your sleeping schedule and bear the consequences throughout the days. Australian researchers have studied the possibilities to eliminate insomnia and got to cooling pillows. A cool sleeping environment decreases the effects of insomnia by helping patients fall asleep more comfortable and then rest for more hours.

Insomnia has mental consequences, as it typically makes patients desire a great sleep during their regular schedule. They also try methods that don’t work or have effects which are too intense – such as medication. Sleeping at your earliest possible bedtime enriches your hormones and makes you more productive during the next day.

How to Increase the Effects of the Best Cooling Pillows


  • Keep windows closed and purchase intensely colored curtains. Color absorbs heat, and it preserves the room’s temperature steady. Blue and green are relaxing colors that promote rest.
  • Sleep wearing as few clothes as possible or even naked. If you need to sleep in pajamas, choose natural cotton to avoid body insulation.
  • Freeze a cooling pad and tuck it between your needs. Hold it as such for up to five minutes to cool down your lower side of the body.
  • Stick one or both feet out from under the bed covers. While the covers are cool in a hot room, they also keep you warm and unbalanced.
  • If necessary, use a fan and make air circulate the room. Refrain from letting the fan blow air in your direction. However, it also slightly minimizes the temperature by allowing it flow.

Sleeping well allows you to dream and produce serotonin. You will feel energized and healthier. Using the best cooling pillow saves you from endless research and a constant chase for solutions. Find the best cooling pillow for your needs and sleeping style and enjoy a restful sleep every night, even during summer!