Best Exercise to Lose Weight based on my experienced

One of  most common questions in minds of those who want to lose weight is “what is the best exercise to lose weight?”.

Answering that question is not easy because  answer depends on each individual’s lifestyle and preferences.

Try to look

Generally, all types of exercises or workouts that train on your cardio are best exercise to lose weight that can help you reaching your weight loss goals. Cardio exercises basically encourage your body to burn excess fat for energy. Strength-focused exercises like bench presses will do little in shedding weights from your body. Therefore, they are not really best

Now,  a question will be what kind of cardio exercise that is the most efficient and effective in helping you to lose weight? Here, we provide some examples and you can choose one that suits your lifestyle:

Any Type of Game Sports

Let’s face it; most regular exercise routines are boring. However, if they come in the forms of games or sports that you can play regularly with your friends, they will become less boring.

Examples of sports games that can help you lose weight by stimulating your heart rate to burn fat are soccer, basketball or tennis.

Running and Jogging

runningThe beauty of running and jogging is that they are very simple to do yet very effective. All types of fat burning exercises will always include running and jogging. These two workout routines to lose weight are so simple that you can do them pretty much anywhere and anytime. Running and jogging also do not require a lot of gears and equipment. All you need are a pair of good running shoes, a cool t-shirt and shorts.

If you are new to running and jogging, you should start by trying to run or jog for 10 minutes non-stop. Do not think too much about distance yet because you just want to make your heart rate to adapt to your new routine. After a while, gradually increase your running or jogging time to 20 minutes. After you are able to run or jog for 20 minutes non-stop, then you can start aiming for finishing a certain distance in a certain time period. And Running really helpful to burn belly fat



If you have a bicycle stuffed in your garage, then it is now time to take it out. Cycling is another excellent example of a daily workout to lose weight.

Cycling is as effective and efficient as running in terms of helping you to lose weight. At  same time, cycling also increases your stamina, strength and endurance.

Swimming (This is The Best Exercise to Lose Weight)


Swimming is often overlooked when people talk about fat burning exercises. This is a bit odd because swimming can also boost your muscular strength and even tone your body.

We believe a lot of people underestimate swimming as a workout plan to lose weight because in common perception, you have not done cardio if you are not sweating. Well, in swimming, you actually sweat but you just do not notice it.