Best Hearing Aids of 2019

Finding the right hearing aid for you can actually be a very confusing process. More and more hearing aid manufacturers are popping up every day and they all seem to make great products. Each one has its own set of features that they promise.

With so many options at so many prices, it is hard to narrow down which hearing aids would be best for you. You might be able to narrow down a few features that you feel a hearing aid needs to have, but so many are very similar in what they seem to be offering.

What you need to make sure of is the quality. Buying hearing aids is a twisting road filled with huge price tags and promises of a great experience. Finding a company that makes a great product, has reliable customer service, and has the features you want is hard. Here is a list of the best hearing aids of 2019 to help you out.

1. Eargo

Hearing AidEargo is widely known as the best hearing aids in the market. They do not have an overall rating that is any less than 4.5 stars. They offer a range of hearing aids so just about any person can find exactly what they are looking for.

One of the best features that Eargo provides is the tiny size of their hearing aids. Eargo offers a hearing aid that is completely invisible once you put it in your ear. Reviews have shown they did not sacrifice an ounce of quality to get such a compact product.

Eargo offers three hearing aids so you can find the one that works best for what you need. The newest product is the Eargo Neo Sound Revival hearing aid. It maintains Eargos place at the top of hearing aid manufacturers and has the same tiny size its products are known for.

Along with being tiny, Eargo hearing aids have a very convenient method of charging. Rechargeable headphones are not exactly hard to find in today’s market of competitive hearing aid companies, but Eargo works hard to have an edge. Eargo headphones come with a portable charging case that is convenient for traveling or if you didn’t have time to charge your aids before going out.

Eargo offers the peace of mind that a well-rated company provides. They are not exactly a discount company but they also do not have the highest prices in the market. With thousands of excellent reviews, good options, a good charger, and a compact product Eargo is really the best place to start when looking for the best hearing aids of 2019.

2. Widex

colourful Hearing Aid mouldsWidex hearing aids are ranked very similarly to Eargo. They never seem to go below a 4.5 on the star scale. Widex seems to be working very hard to move the hearing aid industry into the next level of technology.

Widex offers a range of hearing aid options that are all fitted to your ear so that they feel just right. They have the usual behind the ear and inside the ear models that most companies offer. What really sets Widex hearing aids apart is the new technology in their Evoke smart hearing aid.

With Evoke, Widex has created the first smart hearing aid. According to their website Evoke hearing aids can tell the difference between rock and roll and classical music and changes how they sound accordingly. The app that helps Evoke learn as you use it is user-friendly and allows you to teach Evoke when and how to change volume and focus so you can hear best in every situation.

If you are suspicious of a hearing aid that learns as it goes, Widex has options that do not include the technology of their Evoke model. The other hearing aids offer the same custom fit and sleek look with great sound quality. The only real differences being the processing and the price.

3. Phonak

girl hearing aidPhonak hearing aids have a very good star ranking. More importantly, they have excellent customer service. The Senior List even ranked them as number one is hearing aid customer service.

Along with dependable service, Phonak offers several models at a range of prices. Phonak has a model for whatever sort of hearing aid you and your doctor feel would be the most helpful to you. They also offer prices from affordable to premium so you know you are getting a good product that does not have to break the bank.

Along with hearing aids, Phonak offers a variety of accessories to make life easier. From remotes to table speakers for meetings, Phonak has you covered for easy to use hearing accessories. You can even connect your hearing aids to your television so that all of your favorite shows are in crisp, clear sound quality.

Finding exact pricing for Phonak can be a bit difficult but don’t let that put you off. If you are having trouble finding a clear list of pricing for Phonak products it is because their aids are sold through doctors and other third party vendors. This is actually a good thing as a doctor-recommended hearing aid can look better to insurance companies. If you like what Phonak offers then ask your doctor about a referral.

To Conclude

The market for hearing aids is huge. Finding the best hearing aid at the best price is very difficult. Especially because every person has different things they need and want in a hearing aid.

Reviews on all of these websites have the tone that the customer did not know how much they were missing until they got hearing aids. Our bodies can get used to pretty much anything. You might not have noticed that some of your favorite sounds have become faint and less than they were before. Once you get the right hearing aid all the voices, sounds, and activities you loved before can come back in the sort of high-resolution sound that only the best companies can offer.

Eargo, Widex, and Phonak hearing aids offer a wide range of options with good reviews and varied pricing for whatever type of consumer you are. From high tech hearing aids with brand new technology to invisible hearing aids with fabulous sound. These three companies have got you covered.

Once you find out exactly what type of hearing aid you want the first place you should go is one of these websites. Whatever look or features you want are sure to be offered by at least one of these great companies. Ask your doctor for helpful tips about which aid would be best for you and get shopping.