Best way to keep the vagina clean and healthy

You pay attention to your skin, hair and body health. But, what about your vaginal health? Vaginal health is as important as any other body part. In fact, you should take special care of your vagina to keep it clean. You can use intimate washes available for a vaginal wash. You can use a cream that helps to tighten your vagina. Listed are the best ways to keep your vagina clean and healthy, read on.

1. Your choice of underwear

underwear-isolatedCotton panties are best for vaginal health. As cotton is a breathable fabric, it helps to keep your vaginal area dry. It absorbs the moisture in the area and keeps it completely clean. There are so many varieties of cotton panties available today. Choose the ones that fit you right and provide complete comfort. Also, choose the right size as it is important for your vaginal health.

2. Don’t use soaps

young-woman-soaps-the-body-with-a-spongeVaginal area is sensitive, if you use soaps in the area, then it can affect the normal Ph balance of the skin. Skip the soap and use vaginal wash instead. Many such washes are available for intimate hygiene. You can also wash the area with warm water whenever you have a bath. But don’t use soaps or body wash with chemicals as that can affect the vaginal health.

3. Use Vaginal douches

Vaginal_bulb_syringeA douche cleans your vaginal area with water. Some women also use vaginal douches for clearing up the secretions of the vagina. But, douches can also affect vaginal bacteria that at times. If you feel comfortable and need to clean the area with douche, you can use it. However, this does not prevent vaginal infections. It only cleans the area in a good way.

4. Follow a healthy diet

pregnant-woman-on-healthy-dietYou need to follow a healthy diet to maintain your vaginal health. Have a balanced diet that is rich in veggies and fruits. Have lots of water, as hydration is important for vaginal health. Include good sources of probiotics in your diet. Have yogurt on a daily basis as its rich in good bacteria. Good bacteria can prevent yeast infections and UTI in women. Have berry fruits in your diet. Cranberry juice can cure urinary infections. It’s important that you stay away from refined flour and sweets to maintain good vaginal health. Stick to a healthy diet and that’ll keep you healthy.

5. Follow good period hygiene

woman-holding-clean-sanitary-pad-near-her-hipsIf you don’t follow good period hygiene, then it can affect your vaginal health. When you get your periods, you need to change your pads after every five to six hours. If you use tampons for periods, then replace it with another one. Also, wash the area properly in periods. If you have the problem of vaginal discharge, you can also wear panty liners. There is no harm in wearing panty liners for vaginal health. Keep the area dry and healthy.

6.Use Protection

happy-latino-couple-holding-hands-in-home-bedIt’s very important to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Always insist on using condoms with any new sexual partner. Practice safe sex with your partner as that also plays a vital role in vaginal health. You can tighten your vagina in many ways too.

7.Discharge and their meaning

woman-with-stomachache-having-food-poisoning-greyYour vagina secretes different types of fluids, which is commonly known as ‘discharge’. discharge may be normal and sometimes it is about worry. most of the time women are afraid of the vaginal discharge because the maximum of them do not know about these discharge.

It is completely wrong. Discharge shows that how your vagina self-cleanses and this is normal to healthy vaginal function! Discharge can vary in upon amount, colour, texture and scent depending on your cycle. Don’t be afraid at all if you see those white stains in your underwear often. However, if you feel that your discharge is unusual or abnormal and it is like of these colors green, brown, very yellow, smelly, itchy, chunky then definitely go and consult a doctor because the white discharge is usual in every woman but the discharge of these colors are not common.

8.Do Kegel exercise

women-exercising-outdoors-togetherKegel exercises are also very effective and secure idea to do. if you are doing Kegels exercise helps to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and tighten your loose vagina which then helps reduce strain on your pelvic organs, and improves bladder and bowel function. Take care of your vaginal health and stay safe.

9.Take bath after gym

beautiful-woman-having-a-bubble-bathThe sweating may cause infections, so it is very important that you never stay for a long time in your gym clothes. So Change your clothes and make sure that you clean yourself with normal water, in order to avoid the growth of bacteria and we all know that it causes a vaginal yeast infection. it is a common vaginal infection which can occur in anyone. It is caused by Candida called fungus which is present in our bodies in small number. But it vigorously in moist and airless conditions, this the main reason of cause infection. The symptoms of the vaginal yeast infection are thick white vaginal discharge and vaginal itching, burning redness of vula .

Bacterial vaginosis is another vaginal infection. thick and clear white discharge is the symptoms of this vaginal infection. but remember that there is no itching or burning While there is no itching or burning.

10. Drink water

woman-drinking-water-outdoorsIf you drink water in large quantity then water helps to clean the infection from your body. It also helps to increase the usual flow of urine and washes away bacteria from the body. So it’s very important that you must drink at least 8 glass of water in a day if you want to cure the vaginal itching, burning. You should drink mineral water because water plays a vital role in the body. Avoid drinking water from ponds, rivers or streams, because water in lakes and ponds contain harmful bacteria which can cause additional bacteria to your body.

A healthy vagina is a basis and important sexual health. if you follow healthy habits and awareness, it’s very easy to avoid itches, rashes, and infections. In the market, there are lots of hygiene products which contains harmful chemicals its Avoid douches, scented soaps, and feminine hygiene products. Eat probiotics to maintain the vaginal pH balance intact.