Brilliant Tricks to Remove Bad Breath

Bad breath stinks. It terrifies the person you strike a conversation with. People whose breath is bad – the condition is medically know as halitosis – often become an embarrassment for others around. The worst part, in most cases, you will the last one to know your own stench and others often hesitate to make you “see the mirror.”

women hiding bad breath smellMore so, most people with halitosis even don’t realize that they breathe out foul odor unless told to. They become so used to it that it takes others to remind of the problem at hand. Trust us, nobody likes to talk with a person whose breath is foul. And if you face this problem, it’s better you got it treated immediately.

However, you should first know what causes your breathe to feel unpleasant; you also need to find out why the breath is stinking and only then can you get it treated in the first place. After that, you can look to change the habits so that the breath becomes fresher and you start feeling as confident as it should always be.

Bad breath causes can be many, including –

  • Bad BreathPoor oral hygiene characterized by avoiding daily brushing and flossing
  • Not following oral care routinely and letting plaque and bacteria to run amok
  • Eating foods with strong flavor and odor can cause the breath to stink
  • Smoking and use of tobacco products causes bad odor and stains
  • Too much of tea and coffee causing dry mouth and impacting saliva production to lead to bad odor
  • Diets can make the fat break down in body and produce foul smelling chemicals

Clearly, bad oral care is the biggest culprit when it comes to halitosis. There are certain foods like onion and garlic whose regular consumption, coupled with poor hygiene thereafter can leave you will a smelly mouth. Apart from that, there are certain medical conditions such as diabetes and kidney problems that can also cause your breath to go sour.

Tricks to remove bad breath
No matter what causes your breath to turn bad, there are always tricks and remedies to try at home and get rid of the problem. You however need to consult the dentist first and be sure about the tricks tried to get superior results in a risk free manner.

  1. Follow oral hygiene dutifully: Oral Hygiene-iconsThere is no substitute for oral hygiene. You can’t be lax with that and hope dental problems to go away. The problem of bad breath is inevitable in cases where people are of habit of skipping their brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning schedules regularly. On the other hand, those who brush twice a day, floss regularly and scrape the tongue never face bad breath issue. So, take care of your oral hygiene and make your breath as fresher as you want.
  2. woman-dentist-in-the-medical-dental-officeGet dental check-up every 6 months: Sometimes following oral care routine is not enough in maintaining perfect dental health. Bad breath is a condition that can be caused by formation of plaque and attack of bacteria on your teeth. Both these problems start when you have foods and debris left behind in oral cavity. With regular checkup, you won’t allow any buildup of harmful substance and keep the teeth and mouth healthy.
  3. woman-drinks-fresh-juice-fruitDrink as much liquid as possible: Staying hydrated is helpful for keeping bad odor problem at bay. This does help by washing away all leftover foods and debris often stuck onto or between the teeth. This also helps by flushing out the toxins and helping the system works smoothly. Drinking plenty of water on regular basis is not only beneficial for your dental health but also for your overall health. You can also consume juices and citrus fruits to keep toxins out of the system.
  4. plain-french-style-yogurtEat more yogurt on a daily basis: Dairy products are helpful for your dental health. They enrich the body with minerals and other key elements like calcium essential for keeping teeth stronger. Plus, a daily dose of yogurt can keep bad odor away and help you maintain a freshness of breath. You should however try to eat only the pain and sugarless variety else there will be chance of bacteria attacking the teeth and causing plaque formation. With yogurt, you can cut down on bad odor-causing compound on the tongue and keep your breath fresher.
  5. set-of-cinnamon-badiam-cloves-nutmeg-pathsCloves, fennel seeds and cinnamon: Cloves are rich in anti-bacterial properties. You can chew them raw or use as clove tea to maintain dental health and remove unpleasant odor from your teeth. Similarly, fennel seeds are known to remove mouth bacteria due to their anti-bacterial properties. Its consumption can help generate saliva which prevents dry mouth and scrubs away food debris and bacteria. You can also rinse the mouth with cinnamon powder in combination with cardamom. All these are time-tested methods to keep away odor from your mouth and get rid of halitosis.
  6. healthy-yellow-smoothie-in-bottle-over-concreteConsume more of citrus fruits: Citrus fruits and juices are not bad for your dental health. In fact, they are helpful in inducing the production of saliva. They are strongly acid in nature which makes them hamper the growth of bacteria. Plus, such fruits have powerful scent that can conceal bad odor and make your breath pleasant. You can prepare a mix of such fruits with salt and water and then rinse on your teeth or rinse the mouth to take away foul smell forever.
  7. opening-the-mouth-wideConsult your dentist regularly: Bad breath is not a simple problem to brush under the carpet. It can lead to tooth decay. So, you better be prepared. The ideal strategy is to consult your dentist regularly and know treatment options for the same. If possible, you should also discuss about affordable dental implants NYC to play on the same side. After all, dental decay is natural outcome of poor oral hygiene. With regular visit to the dentist, you can check yourself completely and thoroughly and if any problem is there, it can be spotted at an early stage.

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