Secretly Ruining: 10 Clothing Items That Can Potentially Damage Your Health

We all want to be fashionable in any way we can. But, what if I tell you that some clothes in your wardrobe can endanger your health? It might sound impossible, but yes, it’s possible. We think about the different fashion trends, but we give less attention about your health.

Dress Icons

Of course, we will be more willing to take care of our body when we feel great about how we look. However, we must know what kind of clothing items we should avoid. Unhealthy clothes are the ones who hold accountable for making us feel less outstanding.

From spinal misalignment to cancer, clothing items have significant effects on our well-being. For a little help, listed below are the ten clothing items that can potentially damage our health.

The Flips Side of Flip-flops


Some professionals claim that wearing flip-flops opens your feet to nasty things. Microorganisms, germs, and viruses that might cause various diseases if you suffer from a tiny skin tear or a hangnail, and a poor immune system.

Besides that, flip-flops can also trigger heel pain, distorted toes, and can highly affect your posture which can cause lots of pains and aches. Thus, it is safe to just keep your flip-flops on the swimming pool deck and in the gym shower, and best to wear more durable footwear to transport you everywhere.

Say No to Super Tight Jeans


Wearing tight jeans can constrict the nerves in your crotch and legs, thus lowering the flow of the blood to your lower legs. As such, you may experience swelling, muscle damage, and numbness.

However, excessive compression is not only the problem. Wearing tight jeans causes the fabric to brush hardly on your skin which may damage and impair the barrier of the skin that guards you against infections and harm.

Aside from that, wearing clothes that is too tight makes your body sweat too much, which generates an open environment for bacterial infections, fungal, and viral, like folliculitis. Folliculitis is a skin condition that makes the follicles of the hair into unpleasant red bumps.

Furthermore, while removing your clothes can be the best solution to aid the pain without any therapeutic intervention, you might need to apply some antifungal cream, cortisone cream, or even antibiotics to clear out the rashes.

However, if you like wearing skinny jeans, choose a stretchable pair. Remember only to cleanse them after you wear them for a couple of times. Also, refrain from wearing tight jeans when squatting and crouching because it can squeeze your nerves and might cause bigger problems.

The Downside of High Heel


Apart from the risk of tripping and falling, wearing shoes with high heels even for a short period or for a few years can cause an ankle muscle imbalance that can lead to various injuries. Wearing high heels on a regular basis can also damage your posture, leading to headaches and muscle pains.

The Sad Truth With Top Tight


Spanx and stockings may seem relatively harmless. However, they may be as detrimental as your denim. Some specialists claim that wearing shapewear that is too tight can compress your body parts and can cause acid reflux and stomach pain. But if you persist in wearing these items, keep it for important events and restrain from wearing it for a long time.

Steer Clear From Sweatband


Sweatbands absorb and ingest sweat. However, they also gather bacteria and germs that can stay around even if it dries. And if you wear this type of clothing item again, it can redistribute the germs and bacteria and may irritate acne.

Moreover, it may not lead to possible death, but it can have a serious psychosocial impact that can significantly influence the quality of life. According to Dr. Zeichner, messing with your morale and confidence, and having an impact on your social life, is just as life-threatening such as heart disease and diabetes.

The Unconventional Truth About Romper


A romper is a one-piece clothing garment that is easy to put on. However, it can be a hindrance when you need to take a pee. So you only have to intake less water.

Know that when you disregard the desire to urinate, your pee sticks in your bladder that can trigger pain right above the pubis or pubic bone and can cause discomfort during sexual intercourse, and any other signs of problems concerning bladder infections.

Furthermore, if you drink less water just to pull off this kind of outfit, you are no better. It can incite an infection in the bladder and can even eventually affect the other parts of your body. Therefore, it is best to drink lots of water and plan to take a pee every 3 hours.

The Not-So-Sexy Side of Underwire Bra


Like a mechanical fastener, the underwire of your bra and any metal adjusters is possibly nickel-made. To guard yourself against harm without sacrificing support, choose a brassiere that offers enough support to your bust. Place the clasp cover of the bra between your skin and the metal, and apply nail polish in the strap hardware if it gets itchy in a particular area.

Wearing The Same Pajamas


Most people ignore or overlook about changing their nightwear. But you should know that wearing clean pajamas is as important as wearing clean undies.

Wearing the same pajamas from last night can infect your genital area. Thus, make sure that you wear clean PJs when you sleep or wear clean undies before wearing your last night’s pajamas. You can purchase good quality PJs in any online clothing store like French Connection.

Think About Leggings


This piece of clothing clings and embraces your entire legs. However, the more it hugs your legs, the more painful it is for your skin. As such, it absorbs and picks up oil and sweat in the course of action. In such a case, your leggings may be the most unhygienic clothing piece you can own.

If you wear leggings during your workout for a couple of times or more, you set yourself for fungal contaminations such as ringworm which may cause rough and flaky skin patches and rashes.

Something’s Wrong With Your Thongs


Wearing thongs can carry viruses and rectal bacteria that can lead to a vaginal infection. Your best option is to put on a thong that fits you properly because undergarments that do not fit you accordingly are more likely to move around.


The solution here is plain and easy, do not wear any clothing that will cause aches and pains. Such as flip-flops, tight jeans, high heels, control top tights, sweatbands, rompers, underwire bras, last night’s pajamas, leggings, and thongs. There’s no need to give up comfort in exchange for the style. Loosen up a little, think about your health and put on top of your priority list.