Beneficial and Comprehensive: 7 Lifetime Significance of Coding to Kids

Computer programming is probably the prevalent language of the world. Those people who know how and what is coding will be able to interact across cultures and countries, solve problems effortlessly, and be creative without any hurdles to their success.


Learning computer programming at a very young age assist you to figure out your everyday dilemma and help you get ready for the lifetime opportunities. Although most people still view coding as a very nerdy or technical activity, coding is emerging as the new literacy.

There is an increasing realization that learning how to code is important, particularly for the youth. The technical skills will help your kids to succeed in life. Here are a few reasons as to why knowing programming is essential for kids.

Improves Cognitive Health

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Our brains need some workout and exercise to prevent atrophy, just like any of our muscles. As parents, it is your responsibility to help your child improve and boost their brain’s health. You can opt for some brain puzzles or teasers to give their brain a little stimulation.

Although these popular brain activities might help, a new medium has emerged which is more mentally challenging and may help improve the brain health and help against memory loss.

Learning computer programming at a very young age is the most effective and efficient way to improve your kid’s brain health. It is much more effective than learning a new language. Plus the added benefit of understanding new technologies.

They Can Change The World

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For the past centuries, people depend on the written and printed word to disseminate news and ideas. The capability to write was the power to create change. However, in the modern world, writing is not enough.

To be able to achieve the change you want, it is important to take advantage of the digital platform. Let your kids have the perception that they can make their lives simpler, and they could create it once they know coding.

There are plenty of platforms and applications that have been created to resolve their daily problems. Your children can develop their games if they are in need of some amusement. Engage your kids with coding so that they can eventually make the world a better place.

Unleashes Their Creativity

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Another reason why teaching your children how to program is important is because it boosts their confidence and morale. Coding also helps them to acquire the tools of building a world of never-ending possibilities, where they can create their solutions and paths.

Coding for Kids is a highly empowering ability. Similar to craft and art, coding is also a way of expressing one’s cleverness and resourcefulness. Computer programming is a fun and engaging skill for children today.

There are plenty of platforms, like Hopscotch and Scratch, that teaches children the process of coding without frightening them. They can begin by playing games, and if your child does not like a specific feature of the game, they can enhance it through editing the codes.

Improves Their Problem-Solving Skills

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Learning some coding skills helps kids to develop their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities that are not only vital in a computer science course, but also in life. Coding teaches the children to go through the main problem and resolve them into feasible tasks.

The kids do not just depend on the environmental outlook, but they are also able to create logical ones that will assist them to know how to analyze various situations properly. This skill is important for everyone to have and not just who want to persevere in the field of software development.

The close to endless possibilities of programming can encourage kids to grow. These abilities can gear up children for success in oral and written communications in school. The problem-solving skills of your children allow them to solve a particular problem and generalize it to different situations.

Coding Is Amusing

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Computer programming is becoming more widespread all over the world. Besides the practical reasons for knowing how to code, the reality of developing an animation or game can be entertaining for kids.

Kids can create their developed games where they and their buddies can play. Knowing how to program is much more engaging and appealing nowadays because of the updated and available software that you can use.

Additionally, various online platforms are available to help your children how to code with ease. The children won’t have to consume hours of learning the fundamentals of coding. Alternatively, they can utilize the apps and games to help them learn the basics of programming.

Job Opportunities

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The current generation of the youth must be literate enough about technology to be ambitious and competitive in the future job opportunities. Not knowing coding is not knowing how to write and read.

Most of the job opportunities nowadays require and demand you to have the fundamental knowledge of computer programming, even fast food, and retail jobs utilize computers and technology.

Your child might be one of the coding specialists in the future. Coding specialists earn a good amount of money and are in-demand on the present market. Various opportunities for these skilled employees will bolster in the future.

Storytelling Through Codes

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Knowing how to code helps your children enhance the fluidity of their thinking. Computer programming can be in a logical order or sequence. Also, it conveys a story where your child will have to compose codes.

Most of the applications and programming languages for children, for the most part, utilize games to educate them the process of coding. For this reason, children need to follow or create a story sequence or line while they code and play.

Their program has a beginning, advancement, and ending. Some of the online resources like Scratch, let kids have the capacity to influence and control their created world in innovative and fun ways. Kids have innovative and creative minds that allow them to think out of the box.


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As parents, do not just let your kids learn how to utilize a tablet or smartphone. It is not enough, and they will need much more than that to innovate and flourish as they mature. Computer programming is an important skill, don’t allow your kids to get away from this opportunity. Learning how to code at a young age improves your brain health, unleash your creativity, improves your critical and problem-solving skills, prepares you for the future job opportunities, boosts the fluidity of thinking, and can change the world for the betterment.

Author Bio
Lisa Jones is a volunteer teacher. She teaches the children about coding and programming wholeheartedly. In her free time, Lisa continually reads and research about the benefits of teaching computer programming to kids.