Does 10,000 Steps a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Many of us are familiar with the 10,000 steps a day walking recommendation. But, where does this figure come from and what is it based on? In fact, you may be surprised to learn that it came not from a doctor but from a marketing campaign! The 10,000 steps a day recommendation came from a marketing campaign for a pedometer by the Japanese company Yamasa Toki following the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. The ads showed how using the Manpo-Kei (or “10,000 steps meter” in English) could help boost daily activity levels.

Since the ad campaign first ran, the recommendation has been officially adopted by the World Health Organization, the American Heart Foundation and the US Department of Health & Human Services. It has taken on particular importance over the past few years as the rise in sedentary lifestyles has contributed to dropping exercise levels and the global obesity crisis. However, it is important to note that while 10,000 steps is a good goal, exact fitness goals will vary from person to person.

The Health Benefits of Walking

Upping your daily step count through walking has been shown to result in a raft of health benefits. In addition to aiding weight loss, walking more has been associated with improved heart and lung fitness, enhanced muscle strength, and stronger bones plus much more. Research has also linked walking with positive mental health, as it can help alleviate feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. A short walk during your lunch break can also boost your productivity by up to 30%.

Learn More About Step Counts & Walking

If you are keen to boost your step count and would like to learn more, then you should take a look at this highly informative infographic from Gabor Shoes Ireland. This handy guide looks at the research around recommended daily step counts and offers some practical tips on how to boost your own daily step count.

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Does 10,000 Steps a Day Keep the Doctor Away

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