5 Easy Hacks to Avoid Mosquitoes During Monsoons

Monsoon is the best and worst tie of the year. The soothing climate, rains that are enjoyed with hot fritters, drizzling leaves all are symbols of life. On the contrary, water puddles can annoy everyone. But, what annoys the most is the miniscule mosquito. Underestimating the tiny creatures owing to their size can petrify your nights. However, multiple hacks ensure that you can keep these mosquitoes away with ease and enjoy the monsoon evenings without having to worry about closing the doors and windows during the twilight.

1. Do Not Let Water Stagnate Anywhere Close to You
potted-vase-stores-stagnant-water-and-breedingBreeding of mosquitoes happens only in water. So, it is not only a wise move to clean the stagnant water close to your home, but also keep the sources of water covered. When the weather forecast tells you that rains are on their way, it is not only the time to dust your raincoats, but you need to ensure that water tanks, flower pots, and anything that can hold water is either cleared or covered. Plunge into action and clear off the wastes that are lying around. A good exercise and the better way to clean your garage and garden is to find cups, vessels, pots or anything that can store water lying around in these places.

2. Use Camphor
pooja-camphorIt is not always possible to ensure that no stagnant water is present around the house. However, you can keep mosquitoes off from the room you use. Take a bowl filled with water and add few pieces of camphor and keep it close to the place you sit or sleep. For instance, under the bed or on the corner desk close to your seat. Mosquitoes would never be able to find you until the camphor last.

3. Try Lemon and Cloves
slices-of-lemon-with-clove-spice-on-rustic-woodAnother way to ensure you are covered from the minute eyes of mosquitoes is to grab a lemon and few cloves. Cut the lemon and insert the cloves into each half. You need at least 10 cloves for each half. Keep it close to your chair or bed. An assured way to keep off mosquitoes is this, and additionally, it is very much affordable.

4. Turn to Nature’s Blessings
herb-in-pottery-potsDo you know your pot garden can give you a cover from mosquitoes? Yes, you heard it right. Basil, mint, and citronella are perfect plants for growing in jars. Their aroma can help you prevent the mosquitoes rushing to you. Eucalyptus, rosemary, anise, lavender, cedar, catnip, wormwood and marigolds too help a lot. Of course, it isn’t possible to grow the eucalyptus trees. You can alternatively find the essential oils from them offering the solution. Use a diffuser to spread the aroma. Essential oils like lavender and rosemary alleviate tension, and help breathe better during the rainy days, apart from keeping mosquitoes and other flies off.

Alternatively, pour a few drops of the preferred essential oils in a cotton towel. Leave the towel with the clothes in the dryer. This helps to stay off from the tiny desperadoes when you hang out in the evenings.

Apart from essential oils, you can also try dried herbs. You can get them from the local grocers and keep them in bowls all over. Hanging over in tiny glass jars is a good option too. When the herbs are dried, they leave the scent and ensure the mosquitoes are nowhere close to you.

5. Dress Right
smiling-bearded-young-father-dressingDo you know the mosquitoes love the dark-hued clothes? So, it is time to switch to the lighter hues. If you belong to O blood grouping, you might be attracting mosquitoes more than someone in the room. As you cannot change your blood group, you can choose to wear light coloured dresses, which also give a complete cover.

The Need for Health Insurance
pensioner-filling-out-aformApart from taking all the measure mentioned above, consider having good health insurance in place. Purchasing the same will financially cover you, in case you fall ill or meet an accident. However, before buying one, research the available plans in the market and buy the best health insurance which provides you with the required facilities and ample coverage.

The best health insurance policy will cover you for medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation, pre and post- hospitalisation expenses, day-care expenses for advanced medical surgeries, including dialysis, radiotherapy and chemotherapy etc.

The Ending Note:
Switching to these hacks rather than the coils and chemical repellents do not sacrifice the efficacy and are devoid of side effects. Also, they are easy to get hold of in any household.