Fitness For The First Time – Where Do I Start

Therefore, you made a choice and set the goals. You finally decided to take up the mind, and your body seriously and regularly attend the gym. Of course, many questions immediately arise. What to wear? What is there to do? How not to look like a foreign object? The following simple tips will help you quickly get comfortable in the gym and fitness in general.

Fitness in the broad sense of the word is the constant support of the body in good physical shape. This term also refers to the wellness system, which allows you to change the physical abilities of the body for the better, make a body correction and normalize weight. Fitness for beginners includes a set of recommendations, rules, and tips, by adhering to which, beginners will be able to avoid common mistakes and engage in improving the form without compromising health.

What to take with you?

fitness-workout-plan-conceptFor the gym, you do not need anything supernatural. In any case, while you are just starting, rather than setting records, it will be enough not to forget the following four ingredients:

  1. Clothes – preferably a particular sports, not constricting movements, but also not rubbing, made of elastic, breathable fabric. Proper form will help avoid heat stroke or impaired blood circulation.
  2. Shoes – lightweight sports sneakers for fitness training, with a stable sole, repeating the bends of the foot.
  3. Towel – to lay on the press machine or to wipe the sweat from your own body during an intense workout.
  4. A bottle of water.

What to do?

girls-warming-upAny workout should begin with a warm-up and end with cool down exercises. You need to adjust the body to consume more oxygen, warm up muscles and developing joints. It will avoid possible injury, stretching and feeling unwell from overvoltage. A well-prepared body will respond better to the necessary loads, which increases the effectiveness of training.

Start warming up with a cardio-vascular machine (treadmill, exercise bike, etc.), then do dynamic stretching.

It is also necessary to finish the training with a cooling down, which means exercises to restore breathing, stretching and relaxing the muscles that were active during the workout.

How to do?

warming-up-togetherIt is better for a beginner to start not with a barbell and work with one`s weight, but with devices for physical exercises with the ability to adjust weights. With free weights, you will begin to work a little later, strengthening the body and moving on to a set of muscle mass.

Usually, for the first 2-3 weeks, beginners work in circular training – they work through all muscle groups to prepare the body for more severe loads. Begin with large muscle groups: hips, back, chest, shoulders, and arms. The number of exercises, attempts and repetitions depend on the individual goals of the workouts.

Do not overstrain at the first training. Fatigue and aching muscles the next day can discourage the desire to return to the gym.

How much to do?

young-athlete-woman-sitting-and-relaxingLimit yourself to 45-60 minutes. Over this time, the effectiveness of the exercises decreases and you trigger the mechanisms of depletion of the body.

Between attempts, rest no more than 60-90 seconds and 3-5 minutes between exercises.
The number of workouts per week depends on your goals, physical abilities, and the chosen program.

To practice cardio in an optimum manner is 3-5 times a week. Strength and functional training – 2-4 times a week. However, it is necessary to take into account the individual capabilities of the body, its ability to recover.

How to eat?

man-eating-energy-barOrganize your regime so that you can eat about 1.5-2 hours before your workout. After a workout, close the metabolic window and eat in half an hour or an hour.

Working in the gym, you cannot starve, even if your goal is to lose weight. With a lack of food, the body will only get tired faster and take energy from muscle mass than from fat.

It is imperative to consume your daily calorie intake, reducing the consumption of fat with carbohydrates, compensating for their protein. Be sure to have breakfast!

Eat smaller meals, but more often – 4-5 times a day.

How to recover?

caucasian-beautiful-healthy-athletic-sportiveMany people think that muscles grow and become stronger in training, but it is not. During exercise, the body receives a charge, accelerates, and the process of burning fat and muscle growth occurs during rest, after a workout. There should be a day of rest between exercises in the gym. The body needs time to build muscle and recover.

The main thing is not to be afraid to come to the gym and start training. You will like it – may be even dragging it into the circulation of a healthy lifestyle. Everyone gets satisfaction for sure!

Have patience

strong-athletic-man-showes-naked-muscular-bodyOf course, you are preparing to do fitness hard, but in the depth of your heart, you hope that you are lucky, and the results will be noticeable very soon. Alas, training, the effect of which will be noticeable immediately, does not happen. Better be patient.

Get enough sleep

beautiful-woman-sleeping-in-her-bed-at-nightIt is necessary to get enough sleep and sleep for at least 8 hours to have enough strength for training. At the same time, for a full recovery of the body, it is essential to sleep at least one hour before midnight.

Mistrust your feelings

row-of-metal-lockers-in-a-sports-changing-roomDo not trust your feelings only. Weigh yourself regularly, measure the volume of the hips, waist. Measure your pulse after exercise. These changes are difficult to notice, but they will be the best motivation for further training. If you do not see positive dynamics, this is a signal that there was some mistake in the training process.

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