Good health, good life

Health is the most valuable thing in our lives. “How to stay healthy” is still a question that has many types of answer. To make it clearer, the following article will show you how to stay healthy tips.

1. Drink only when you are thirsty

woman-drinking-water-outdoorsMost people know that drinking little water is harmful to health. When being asked “how to stay healthy”, many people will answer “Drink enough water”. That’s right but that does not mean drinking as much water as possible. Drinking too much water will cause more urine. According to Oriental Medicine, the urine will carry some of the fire from the kidneys. A person who has a habit of drinking too much water for a long time will cause loss of kidney from which causes diseases.

2. Do not eat too much and too late
man-bites-freelancer-sandwich-with-coffeeAs we know, eating too much will cause a lot of trouble especially in the evening. Night time is when the body needs relaxing including the digestive system. When eating too much, phlegm (a pathological product) can be produced instead of converting into the body. The phlegm will cause blockages in the body, which can interfere the function of the blood as well as the organs that causes the disease.

Diets should also be high in fiber and fruit that limits too much fat and starch. However, it is important to ensure a healthy diet.

3. Exercise at moderate intensity, consistent with health status
young-beautiful-girl-sports-in-the-autumn-forestThere is no doubt that exercise is one of “how to stay healthy” tips. Frequent exercise will help in blood circulation, mental health, improving health condition. However, we should only play sports in moderate intensity and select the appropriate sport. Being overactive will be counterproductive, causing some problems such as joint pain, fatigue and difficulty sleeping.

In addition, exercise will make pores open. It’s really dangerous when doing exercise in the wind. So, do not practice outdoors in cold weather or bathing soon after the mobilization…

4. Never forget the breakfast
two-women-enjoying-breakfast-date-in-delicatessenBreakfast is important because this meal provides energy for one whole morning’s activity. Without breakfast, hunger can harm the maintenance of brain function resulting in inferiority, agility and precision.

And at lunch, fasting people will eat much more, which means that the digestive organs must work overload. Therefore, the absorption will be less effective, the body falls into the tired state again.

5. Sleep like a baby
portrait-of-a-young-girl-sleeping-on-a-pillowModern life causes people to spend too much time on work and study, losing their sleep. Sleep plays a very important role in human life. Most people spend 3 to 4 hours sleep each day. This affects physiological, sleep deprivation and can cause many illnesses.

So if you want to stay healthy, get enough sleep, in particular, 8 hours/day. Sleep and wake up at fixed hours of the day to create a healthy sleeping habit.

Before sleeping, avoid the use of information technology equipment to focus on a comfortable sleep. Especially, you should avoid using caffeine foods which will make it difficult to sleep.

6. Listen for signs of illness
black-woman-headache-and-sleepingSome people only go to the clinic and discover the disease at the late stage. This not only reduces the chance of cure but also reduces the quality of life for a long time. Our bodies have mechanisms to anticipate illnesses that we ourselves can perceive through some symptoms.

Sometimes it is common symptoms such as lumbar pain, fatigue, tinnitus, dizziness, irregular menstruation, numbness limbs … When the body has any problems uncomfortable, a good advice for everyone is to go to the medical facilities for examination, evaluation and treatment in time.

7. Avoid being stressed
black-guy-talking-phone-with-angry-emotionThe pressure of the work piling every day makes you always find ways to solve them by overdoing. From there, they create the tension, fatigue, irritability. All of them cause your mood to be unstable, furthermore, your body is also affected.

Why do not you face the stress, pressure and day-to-day work by simplifying and overcoming them? If you cannot handle the daily burdens without becoming overwhelmed, go to a psychiatrist. Do not let your healthy life be affected by the stress.

8. Essential oils for nausea
essential-oil-in-glass-bottle-with-fresh-juicyNausea is a common symptom that makes your life become uncomfortable. In some cases, it causes some inconveniences, especially for the expectant mothers who need the comfort most. So, to reduce, even eliminate this tiring symptom easily, the best advice is to use some essential oils that are considered as a how to stay healthy tip.

  • The combination of essential lavender, sandalwood and dill oil:
    bottle-with-yellow-oil-insideThis is the best combination that we can use to reduce any nausea. Your job is to mix these oils together and massage the abdomen regularly. Make sure your nausea is reduced.
    If you do not have a lot of time to use the mixture for the abdomen, you can rub them into the nose area. However, only 3 to 4 drops should be used because the pure essential oils if overdose is not good, even irritates the skin.
  • Lavender essential oil
    lavender-oil-in-glass-bottle-with-lavenderLavender oil is considered as “a good assistant” of those who have nausea. The lavender scent of lavender essential oil can help reduce the feeling of nausea significantly. In addition, lavender essential oil also helps pregnant women sleep better, prevent some diseases caused by morning sickness, help to relax, alert, reduce the stress effectively.
  • Peppermint
    peppermint-oil-in-a-bottleBesides increase concentration, peppermint oils also relieve nausea as well as morning sickness. There are two ways to use this essential oil:
  • Use a 10ml bottle of peppermint, you should always bring along with you. In case of the discomfort of nausea comes, it can be inhaled directly.
  • Sip a few drops of pure mint oil included in a glass of warm water. It can be sure that your nausea will pass quickly.

However, this pure peppermint oils can cause a burning sensation, you should avoid the contact between your nose and the oil.

Maybe when you are healthy, you will not feel the importance of health, but until the disease comes, you will regret that we did not really appreciate it. So take care of yourself right now. I believe, by following How to stay healthy tips listed above, you will always be strong enough to build a good health as well as a good life.