The health benefits of Kefir

Kefir has been rapidly gaining popularity in the world, especially in the healthy foods industry. You will often come across this term in discussions when it comes to healthy diet plans and how to integrate this into your diet and why you should do so. Originating from Russia in the 19th century, which involves fermenting cow, goat or sheep milk with kefir grains, has the consistency of thin yoghurt.

The first thing we need to identify is that kefir, the drink, is made from kefir grains, which can be bought from The Kefir Grain Company, which grows high-quality kefir grains. The kefir grains are introduced to milk and allowed to ferment overnight, after which the kefir grains are removed, and the kefir is ready to drink. The kefir grains may be used again in the future.

Yoghurt with Rasberry fruitKefir is an excellent source for many nutrients such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, riboflavin, vitamin B12, K2 and vitamin D. All of these nutrients greatly enhance bodily function, improve bone density and help muscles grow and recover from workouts. Kefir is a better probiotic than yoghurt. Probiotics aid in better mental health, management of weight and even aids in digestion. Furthermore, the probiotics in kefir also have a decent amount of antibacterial properties, which also aid in weight management and healthy digestion. The probiotics help ensure that the right amount of healthy bacteria exists in your stomach, which help fight indigestion and fight bacteria that cause diarrhoea. These probiotics also help with irritable bowel syndrome, bacteria that causes salmonella and help those who are suffering from ulcers.

The presence of vitamin K2 and D, this helps with calcium requirements and retention in the body and prevents the likelihood of fractures as it strengthens the bones. This is an issue that significantly hampers women, especially those who’s ageing. Osteoporosis is a prevalent issue that they have to deal with, in some form. Regular usage of kefir significantly improves their bone health and prevents the onset of osteoporosis if used from an early age. Also, it helps recover from osteoporosis and bone damage that may have already occurred.

The Kefir Grain Company also emphasizes that kefir is not only for those who can digest lactose; it can be used in conjunction with many healthy vegan alternatives. Kefir grains can be used with almond, coconut or soybean milk for a healthy vegan option. As for users who want to avoid lactose altogether, they can use kefir grains with other non-dairy beverages.

Some ongoing research and studies have also suggested that the usage of kefir grains help mitigate the growth of cancerous tumours in the human body. Also, it has been shown that kefir extract dramatically reduces the growth of certain forms of cancers and fights them, primarily when used in collaboration with dairy products. Furthermore, kefir grains also help mitigate those bacteria that cause inflammation in the body leading to allergies and aggravating asthma. The research showing these results are relatively new and inconclusive but are very encouraging in the health industry.