Here’s What You Should Know: The Health Benefits of Using Ergonomic Chair at Work

Working in an agency or an office includes spending plenty of time in a seated position, a posture that can cause stress in the spine. To be able to prevent developing or compounding back problems, it is important to have an ergonomic chair at work.

Using Ergonomic Chair at Work

Though ergonomic may sound like some modern, fancy, and mysterious type of furniture, it is some kind of furniture designed to provide safe, comfortable, and healthier environment in your workplace.

Ergonomic furniture is not only a luxury, but it is a necessity. So do not just settle for things because of its looks. Go for things that will have a positive effect on your body. To know more about ergonomic chairs, listed below are some of its health benefits.

Minimize The Risk Of Neck Pains

woman-with-problems-at-offciceThe lack of neck support while sitting for a long time may lead to the inability to move the neck and shoulders easily and without pain. It can even lead to serious health problems like Cervical Spondylosis.

It is advisable to buy ergonomic chairs with a comfortable headrest. As such, it will support your head, especially your neck, when you need to outstretch. Ergonomic chairs with a headrest are ideal for people who sit around all day and working at a computer.

If you are looking for the ergonomic chairs to relieve neck pains, head to a credible furniture shop such as Focus on Furniture. Do not let yourself suffer anymore. Shop for the best ergonomic chair that will suit you and your lifestyle.

Supports Proper Posture
office workerOne of the many reasons why office workers have an improper posture while sitting and working at their desks is because of those traditional chairs. However, ergonomic chairs take these health issues into high consideration.

Ergonomic chairs have all the essential features including backrest and headrest that will surely support your entire body while sitting. Furthermore, you can easily modify the height of the chair so that you can sit with your feet on the floor or adjust the angle to the floor.

These adjustments will instantly help you make your posture become better. It can help you improve your back support and sustain an excellent posture while working. But regardless of how cozy the ergonomic chair is, make sure that you stretch, stand, and even take a little walk.

Lessens the Risks of Back Pain

businessman-at-the-desk-in-his-office-stretchingSitting for a long time can certainly lead to lower back pain or aggravate prevailing back problems. That is why it is best to have an ergonomic chair with an adjustable backrest because it supports the curve of the spine.

Different from traditional office chairs, ergonomic chairs are long enough to hold up your entire back. Moreover, some chairs have a reclining function that lets you rest or sits at least ninety degrees.

However, to be able to sit properly in your ergonomic chair and prevent having back pains, make sure to change the height according to your comfortability level. You will also need to adjust the armrest to lift your arms slightly. As such, it will relieve some of the pressure on your back and help you to avoid slouching.

Minimize the demand for Dreary Trunk Flexion
Visual office workOne of the adverse effects of sitting for a prolonged time is the demand for dreary trunk flexion. Know that as you sit in a slumped-over position, you might have some struggle or problem reaching kinds of stuff on your work-desk without the tendency of inclining your body forward.

This situation may occur for a couple of times in a day and will eventually cause lower back pain. But if you sit in an ergonomic chair with good back support, it will stimulate you to sit upright. As such, it will allow you to grasp everything on your desk without the need to lean forward and to put more strain on your back.

Forbid forward head posture and slouching

business-woman-texting-on-smartphoneIf you sit with your pelvis rotated backward from its natural neutral position, your lower back, and your shoulder flex, thereby making a slouched position. As such, your shoulder blades drift away from the upper- and middle-back, and your head moves into a protracted or forward decision.

So when you look at your computer, most likely, your neck moves toward a forward head posture. Thus, leading to headaches, muscle guarding, and pain. Furthermore, two factors can cause a person to slouch, the internal and external factors.

External factors are those aspects outside of your physique like the chair design. While, internal factors are those aspects of your body such as obesity, tight hamstrings, and a weak core.

Keep in mind that ergonomic chairs might not be able to modify your internal deficiency, but it can specifically amend the external factors. The shape of the seat back and the versatility of the seat depth will help you avoid slouching and improve sitting position. Just make sure to utilize a proper ergonomic chair that will prevent slumping and forward head posture.

Correct Pelvis and Hip Alignment

A known cause of lower back pain is the improper alignment of the pelvis and hips. Consider your pelvis as a dish of soup. As such, you should keep it level to avoid spilling backward or forward. If the bone structures in the pelvis are level, the pelvis itself is level, thus creating less pain and pressure on your lower back.

The ideal sitting posture that aligns your hip and pelvis is to sit in a position called sacral-sitting or posterior pelvic tilt. As such, you can create a hammock effect in your lower back.

Promotes Comfort
Womeon phone officeErgonomic chairs, made from high-quality materials, are way better than traditional office chairs. The back and seat cushions are even thicker and mold into a specific shape to enhance the fit.

Furthermore, other ergonomic chairs have added lumbar support made into a design. If you happen to have short legs, you can easily adjust the height of the chair and move the seat back towards the front to reduce the seat depth.

You can also adjust the armrests to support your elbows if you have a long figure. But to be able to attain the optimum comfort, you will need to have a chair for which you can adjust all its components.


Ergonomic chairs are chairs that help you sit and do your work comfortably for long periods. They are much more convenient than traditional office chairs because they allow you to modify your seating preferences or the fit of your body.

Ergonomic chairs can enhance and improve your job satisfaction and productivity. And that’s not all. It can also lessen the risk of musculoskeletal injuries like neck and back pain. There are lots of reasons why you should choose ergonomic chairs. Read the above list to know more.