Home or Gym Exercises

Exercise should be an important part of your routine if you want to stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life. If you agree, and want to start exercising, good for you. Now what’s left to decide is whether you want to get buffed or just stay in shape, go to the gym or stay at home?

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Home Exercises:

Most people want to stay at home where they know they have a healthy, safe and calm environment. ‘Home is where the heart is’, is a pretty simple truth that most of us know, we’ll always prefer to stay at home and exercise rather than to go to the gym, kilometers away, where sweaty, smelly men exercise together. Exercising at home can be quite easy and effective if you know what you’re doing, the right kind of exercises can provide you with the results you’ve wanted. I’d like to point out something though, before we go any further, the home exercises, this article won’t be getting you to buy a bunch of equipment that’ll raid your bank account or anything like that. It will only be telling you about the cool ways of how you can stay in shape and step up your home exercises. Putting on your boxing gloves and throwing some punches is especially good for upper body by staying at home.

Barbell Bench Press

Home exercising can be great for saving time and staying in shape. Let’s talk about some of the most effective stuff can do to stay fit.


  • Squatting is great for either losing weight or just gaining strength and getting fit.
  • Squatting is an exercise, in which your entire body gets involved.
  • Each and every muscle in your body feels the burn, your legs, your core, your shoulder and every other part of your body takes a part in this exercise.
  • Squatting is great because it’s involves natural movement of our body, which it already is familiar with. Squatting is an overall great exercise, which will surge muscle, strengthen bones and make highly flexible.

Cleaning the house:

  •  Some of you may not consider exercising I for one believe that cleaning your house can be one of the greatest opportunities to burn some calories.
  • Washing, mopping, and dusting are activities that burn above 150 calories over 1 hour.
  • Cleaning the house is very efficient because you get a clean house and a perfectly healthy body.


  • Another simple and easy exercise that anyone can do, anywhere.
  • Planking requires you to get into a planking position with your body stretched from one end to the other.
  • You could move up and down or stay in one single position. As your arms bend and open up
  • Whichever way you do it calories are being torched by the minute.
  • Planking is a powerful tool as it put’s strain on your core, your arms and your legs.
  • It might be difficult at first, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll do it every chance you get.

 Other simple exercises:

Inside your house there are other simple exercises you could do that will be good on showing results.

  • Lunges:  One of the easiest and great ways to stretch out your legs. All you have to do is stretch out on one leg and then bend the knee perpendicularly.
  •  Dive-Bomber: Are another simple and effective way to sweat your entire body. You get up in a pre-push up position and move as if your body was scooping up something. This exercise too is complete body workout.

Gym Exercises:

The workouts

Gym exercises are great for those people who want to have a muscular body fast and the right way. I’m not saying that you wouldn’t go to the gym just to get a slim body, but more often than not people tend to go to gyms for body building. You probably want to be one of those people who put on a jump suit and rush to the gym. Gym exercises are without a doubt much more effective and reliable than anything you could do in your home. The gym is for few people though, and not everyone who goes there comes out the man they thought they were going to be. If you want to start going to the gym, you have to trust yourself, believe in yourself and start working hard for what you want. Let’s talk about what you can do to improve yourself once you enter the gym. A quick and easy way to activate your muscles and warm up is throwing some punches to a punching bag when you come to the gym.

Seated barbell press:

  • For this you’ll have to sit in a bench with a barbell in your hands, lift the barbell above your head, and then slowly bring back down again.
  •  This exercise will be great for building up your shoulders plus it’s very safe, so beginners don’t worry about your first times.

Split Squat:

  • Hold dumbbells in both hands and stand facing away from a bench.
  • Put one of your shins on the bench and then squat down, until that leg of yours is touching the ground. Repeat this several times, for better results.
  • This move works your whole leg through a series of motion and you burn calories on the way.

Dumbbell bench press:

  • Lie down on a flat bench with dumbbells in your each hand. Push the dumbbells upwards as you let your breath out, and then slowly bring them back down again.
  • This exercise is simple and very effective way of building up your upper body strength and shoulders.


Exercising in the gym and exercising in your house are both equally good for your health in their own places. It’s up to you, to decide what kind of a person you are and how’re you going to take yourself to the next level!

Author Bio:

NicolaNicola Anderson is a 25 year old sports journalist based in UK. She loves watching MMA and boxing when she is not writing for various websites and blogs on sports, fitness and nutrition. She is a metal head and works out to tracks by Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, AC/DC and Slayer.