Home Remedies For Skin Burns From Accidents

You own a motorcycle and have been riding it for years. You consider your motorcycle as your buddy, and you can’t go anywhere without it. You also exert time and effort to upgrade your motorcycle to become the fastest, most advanced model there is. However, all of the things you did for your motorcycle became a waste after being involved in an accident. The accident was so severe that you’ve sustained several muffler burns in different parts of your body. These burns were minor but many. And since these burns were too visible that you become conscious about them, you’re now determined to use home remedies to treat these burns. You think that along with proper medication, you can recover from these burns easier and faster.hand-injury-skin-abrasion-gall

The remedies for your muffler burns shouldn’t necessarily be costly because there are solutions available in your cupboard, without you even knowing it. There are home remedies which are so simple, you can’t even believe they can actually work. To help you in your recovery, here are some home remedies for skin burns from accident:

  1. Mint toothpaste: dentist-recommends-soft-slim-tapered-bristleYes, your toothpaste can be used not only for your oral hygiene but your burns as well. Who would’ve thought, right? All you have to do is place the scalded area under running cold water, gently dry the area with paper towel, and then cover it with a layer of mint toothpaste. The pain you’re feeling in this area will quickly fade, and the redness can also be reduced.
  2. Vanilla: vintage-retro-styling-yogurtVanilla extract can work wonders for your minor burns. Use a cotton swab and gently dab the vanilla extract on your burned skin. The vanilla extract has an alcohol content, and the evaporation of this can cause the burn to cool, alleviating the pain that you’re feeling. Once you decide to use this kind of home remedy, your home will also smell very good – and being able to treat your burns while sweetening the smell of your room is a good deal, right?
  3. Tea bags: teabag-with-yellow-labelDon’t throw your used tea bags away just yet as you can still use them to treat your burns. You just need to place two or three used tea bags on the burns while using gauze to hold the bags in place. Black tea actually contains tannic acid and draws heat from burns to help make them less painful.
  4. White vinegar:row-of-bottles-with-vinegar For sure, you have white vinegar sitting in your kitchen already so you can start using this technique as soon as possible. You can either use cotton swabs to dab the burned area gently with vinegar or opt to soak a paper towel in a water and vinegar mixture to make a calming compress. The size of the burn in certain areas of your body might help you in deciding whether to use paper towels or cotton swabs in the process. White vinegar has acetic acid which is the same component found in aspirin that is responsible for relieving the pain, itching, and inflammation of the burn. Aside from that, white vinegar is also an astringent and antiseptic which means that it’ll help keep your burns from being infected.
  5. Honey: jar-of-honeyYou might have been using honey to cure a sore throat in the past, but its benefits are more than that. Honey is actually a natural antibiotic which can help by preventing your burn from being infected by dirt, bacteria and other external factors. It also has a natural pH balance that is deadly to bacteria. Expect that once you apply honey topically, any existing bacteria or infection in the skin will be killed instantly. Honey can also cool the burn, relieve the pain associated with the burn and help the skin to heal faster. With all of the advantages, honey can give you, it’s safe to say that honey is indeed full of natural health benefits.
  6. Milk: glass-of-milk-isolated-on-whiteYes, you need milk to make your bones strong, and you might need to drink this every day but save some for your burns! Milk can sooth your burns and promote healing because of its protein and fat content. You just have to soak the burn entirely in milk for about 15 minutes and when you’re done, expect a quick relief. Additionally, full fat and whole-milk yogurt can also hydrate and cool the parched skin brought about by the burn.
  7. Oats: organic-oatOats are well-known for to soothe the skin and prevent any inflammation, and this can come in handy for your burns. Oats can be considered as the most useful solution to treat your burn especially when it’s already in the process of healing. You only need to prepare two things here: a cup of oats and bath water. You just have to soak the burned area in this mixture. Do this for 20 minutes and once done, you can air dry your skin with a thin layer of oat remains to reduce the temptation to scratch. You can also toss in some baking soda in the bath water for added relief.
  8. Coconut oil: coconut-oil-in-a-bowlCoconut oil is rich in Vitamin E – something that you greatly need in order to help your skin heal from the burns. Containing fatty acids which are both antibacterial and anti-fungal, Coconut oil helps in disinfecting your burn. If you notice that a scar is forming from your burns, throw in some lemon juice in the coconut oil and massage it in the burned area. The lemon juice is rich in acidic properties which can help minimize the darkness caused by scars, and the coconut oil by helping it heal over time. These two work hand in hand to lessen scars.
  9. Lavender oil: essential-oil-and-lavender-flowersNo, this isn’t fiction because there are already several people who have claimed the wonders lavender oil can do in their burns, and one of them being a chemist. To use lavender oil for your burns, mix one teaspoon of lavender essential oil into two ounces of water, and use a misting bottle as your container. Simply spray the mixture to the skin as often as possible.
  10. Vitamin C and E:fruits-and-vegetables-as-sources-vitamin-c Most people would use Vitamin C to treat colds but its benefits are not only limited to that because Vitamin C also plays a big in soothing your skin. Vitamin C promotes healing and the production of collagen which is the essential material for your body to produce new skin. Vitamin E on the other hand, is an antioxidant which can help protect and repair your skin. You can break open a Vitamin E capsule and apply it directly on the burned area to prevent it from scarring and heal. You can also eat foods rich in Vitamin C or take 2000 milligrams of Vitamin C for at least a week.

Having burns all over your body can affect you adversely. For one, they can lessen your self-esteem, and you might eventually lose the interest to mingle with other people since they can see the burns on your hands or face. You’ll also be reminded of how tragic the day of the accident was and may feel depressed for a long period of time. But you don’t have to worry about experiencing those things because the tips presented in this article can help you recover from your muffler burns – as long as you’re consistent with your efforts and patient enough to try all of these tips. If you find your burns and other injuries like spinal injuries were caused by someone else then it may be time to talk to a law attorney for some advice.

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