How to choose the best blender for smoothie?

What is a smoothie, you ask? It is a chilled beverage made from fresh fruits or vegetables. It is similar to a milkshake only thicker and healthier.

Smoothies are a hit among the young and old alike that is why choosing the best blender for smoothies should be a concern for any homemaker. These are the perfect party drinks and the best thirst quencher during the sweltering summer heat. Having the right blender to do the perfect fruit smoothies is important. This article will give you a few helpful tips on how to choose the best blender for smoothies.


The blender is the appliance smoothie. It is a vital piece of small kitchen tool. This device is versatile and can be used for a lot of food preparation tasks. One of which is making the perfect smoothies! Fruit and vegetable smoothies are ideal especially for people who are trying to lose weight or just want to live a healthy lifestyle.

It looks like a mixer and can easily prepare delicious smoothies with all kinds of fruits, even very robust.

To help you find your way among all the models, discover what is the best blender.

I am often asked the question “what is the best blender”, the question itself is meaningless? It should say “what is the best blender over the use that you want to do? And these uses vary greatly depending on the type of user you belong to. To select the blender that will best meet your expectations, you must first define your profile.

The bachelor who just wants his or her fruit juice smoothie in the morning: a mini-blender can largely suffice, especially if it only has a kitchenette with reduced dimensions.

The young couple with limited financial means: here too the mini-blender seems to be a good answer, especially as there are also models with a mini-chopper function always useful. In addition, it ensures the preparation of soups baby without problems.

The beginner cook, full of good will, he asks only learn but lacks some basics. A model with multiple functions and pre-recorded programs will be its best ally; basic mixtures made at the beginning, it will evolve with enthusiasm (and with the help of a good cookbook!) to more sophisticated preparations.

The mother of a large family: for her, engine power block and bowl capacity will be the watchwords. Fill several hungry stomachs requires a large robust and fast device.

The perfectionist:
Foodie Emeritus cook, culinary term has no secrets for him. He can only favor a model that meets the highest criteria and, as long as his apartment became the Annex last trendy bar as his knack is known, it can even go up to a semi-blender professional. However, consider it standout.

And amidst all these extremes is the average user, that is to say you and me (mostly me, too!).

Exit the mini-blender, minimalist enough it must be said. The pro mixer is a bit above our capacity to use and largely beyond our financial means.

So what should you consider?

Juices, smoothies, soups, ice, mixtures?

Back to the previous topic: if you know what you want to do, you already know roughly what you are looking for.

The material of the bowl, that is to say, glass or plastic; plastic does not break but scratches occur after a period of use is unavoidable; glass (more resistant over the new patterns) offer the added advantage of being able to crushed ice.

Blender for Smoothie

The design:
For some it does not matter much, but recognize that there are particularly ugly blenders; although aluminum anodized or brushed stainless have some class, you can also opt for a simple model that can harmonize with any interior.

To chop all kinds of fruits and other ingredients used in the preparation of smoothies, I advise you not to choose a smoothie with less than 400w power. If you want to crush ice, mount the minima to 500w.

The countenance of it pitcher more volume is high and better, but it takes place. Do not go below then 1.5L, under penalty of having to double the recipe if you have some friends who came to taste. Emphasize width blender to its length, to easily introduce fruits. If you want to crush ice, choose a blender for smoothie so you can use an optional stainless steel jug.

Multifunction and preprogrammed keys: there too, see the intended use.

The price may be a trap between a blender at very low prices which will give you just for your money in terms of sustainability and a more expensive model that will provide years of faithful service, guess what is the most profitable? The main difficulty lies in finding a device ensuring the best quality / price ratio and, for this, nothing better than to refer to the detailed testing different models.

Additional options:
the presence of a filter for juice without skin or seeds, an Ice stick to keep drinks cold, dropping to a service to the glass … Not to mention the small details which we think will and not necessarily that make all the difference: the ease of assembly and disassembly of the various parts, anti-skid feet that avoid clinging to the device as a castaway on an iceberg, the length of the power cord (you have ever tried to connect a 50 cm long wire to a receptacle at more than one meter away? )

You’ll understand that our goal is not to direct you to the good blender smoothie , but rather to the one that best matches your profile. In view of the opinion of users, here are the conclusions to be drawn.

The best blenders for smoothies are those that are powerful enough to make whatever you put into your smoothie a nice creamy drink to enjoy.

If the major reason for buying a blender is to make sweet ice cream treats, just about any blender should suffice.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to improve your health and get fantastic nutrition in a quick and easy smoothie, then you are probably wanting to look at blenders for smoothies that will need to make frozen fruits and leafy greens totally smooth. This will mean looking into the most powerful blenders for smoothies on the market to achieve the results you desire.