How to Combat Stress and Anxiety as You Start University

Starting uni is a super exciting time in every young person’s life. You’re moving out and about to live on your own for the first time, and on top of it, you know there will be a lot of studying, assignments and homework! The chances are that you’re feeling an interesting mixture of excitement and pure fear. So, here’s a little guide that will help you combat and even prevent stress and anxiety that will help you survive your first year without wearing yourself out.

Come prepared
students-at-the-informatics-and-programmingAnother great way to go through your first few weeks at uni stress-free is to make the best use of your orientation week. Many students make a mistake and completely waste this week on partying instead of getting to know their environment, getting acquainted with clubs and facilities and just collecting information about the way things go around the school. This will save you a lot of stress once the lectures start. There will be plenty of time to party, trust us! Pro tip: Some clubs give away discounts, free memberships and other practical things during orientation week, so make sure to check out all the promotional stands!

Don’t neglect your diet

cerealOften, you’ll find yourself too busy with assignments and studying to have a proper meal. However, you’ll certainly regret not setting aside half an hour to sit down, eat and have a few minutes to chill after lunch. Concentrating on an empty stomach is very hard and you’ll not be able to achieve your full potential. Also, your stress levels will skyrocket and you’ll feel moody and fatigued. So, make sure to always have some snacks with you and have at least one real and full meal! Is that too much to ask?

Stay hydrated
cheerful-young-multiethnic-friends-studentsDrinking enough water will not only keep your skin looking amazing, but it will also help you fill fresh, free of toxins, strong and healthy. So, make sure to always carry a bottle of water with you and sip occasionally. Once you feel thirsty, it often means you’re already mildly dehydrated! And, no, coffee and vodka don’t count! Both alcohol and caffeine cause dehydration, so water is still your best choice to replenish your H2O supplies.

Get moving

young couples running bridgeBeing physically active is one of the best ways to keeps stress at bay. Working out boosts the production of happy hormones, which make you feel good and relaxed. Even short daily walks help with stress and anxiety, but vigorous exercise sessions work the best! You might not feel like hitting the gym or going to your club’s practice, but once you break the first sweat, you’ll instantly feel better. Yoga is another great way to keep fit, flexible and relaxed. Combine it with meditation and you’ll completely forget about the word stress!

Choose a supportive environment
classmate-solidarity-team-group-communityAt uni, it’s almost impossible to have a lot of alone time, so choosing to spend your days in a friendly, fun and supportive environment is the key to having a great first few weeks. Just take a look at Australia and the way they do things. For instance, there’s this amazing student accommodation in Brisbane that can help you achieve a perfect balance between work, relaxation and fun! It offers 24×7 security, plenty of fun activities and events and super comfortable accommodation. However, the best thing about these ‘dorms’ is Resident Leaders who give great counseling, are always available to talk and know perfect ways to relieve stress and give motivation!

Meet new people

young women using laptopThere’s no better way to relieve stress than to spend some fun time with friends. However, it can be super hard to meet new people at uni, especially if you’re exactly a social butterfly. Luckily, there is a variety of student clubs where you can get acquainted with like-minded people. Things are always much easier and fun when you’re not completely alone!

Be smart with free time
teenage-students-studying-in-it-classWhen you start uni, there’s a big chance you’ll only have four days of classes (and not even full days), so you might think that’s awesome! You’ll have plenty of extra time to hang out with friends, go shopping or just relax. However, balancing free time between studying, friends, ‘me’ time and sleep is harder than it seems. You’re going to need a lot more time to study than in high school, plus there are all the assignments and homework! So, if you neglect your uni work and fall behind, you’re in for a world of stress. On the other hand, if you do your studying regularly, it will all be a breeze!

Ask for help

young men thinking laptopThe first few lectures at uni can be very scary! There are hundreds of people, the professor is talking fast and you’re not very skilled with your notes. However, most lecturers and tutors have understanding—after all, they were first-year students once themselves! So, if you didn’t catch something important during the lecture or you didn’t understand something, don’t hesitate to ask. Same goes if you get lost in the university building or on the campus. Don’t stress and just ask someone for help. The worst thing that can happen is them saying “I don’t know where I am either”!

Know it’s okay to miss home
students-searching-for-their-namesThere will be plenty of stressful situations in university, so you can really go without adding extra pressure on yourself by playing tough! You’re surrounded by new people, new to acquire large amounts of new knowledge and need to navigate a new surrounding—it’s completely normal to miss your old life. Luckily, keeping in touch with your family and friends will give you a chance to talk about your feelings and give you a daily dose of home. Also, there are great university support services you can contact and get help. So, don’t keep your feelings inside and stress out, but acknowledge your emotions and let them pass naturally.

Stress and anxiety will not help you achieve better results. All they can do is taint your uni days, occupy your mind, prevent you from giving your best and even ruin your health! So, battle these negative feelings with all that you got and your academic days will be much more enjoyable, smooth and fun!