Hot Tips: How to Deal with Uninvited House Guests

Guests stay for only a short period of time. This means that sooner or later they will leave. However, some of these guests are usually uninvited and does not inform us prior to their visit. All the same, being kind to our visitors is a culture that we should embrace. We should, therefore, improvise measures that are hospitable and welcoming.

Usually, before our visitors arrive, we make sure that we have put into place measures that will accommodate them. One of the things is creating a place where they will sleep and increasing the food quantity to make sure that everyone is served enough. We do this with details of how many visitors will be visiting and for how long they will be stating.

In this case, our visitors are uninvited and had not given any notification prior to their visit. Fortunately, we are wired for generosity implying that we should be kind to them and offer them a warm welcome. We should not show a face of a surprise but instead, we should show happiness. The first implication we give them implies what we think of their visit. Therefore, it is advisable to show happiness and a welcoming face. Use words that show how you appreciate their visit. A simple “welcome and feel at home” can work just right.

Once our guests are already welcomed, we should keep in mind that the journey was long and tiresome. Therefore, we should give them time to rest and offer them something to eat and drink. In addition, it is advisable to keep them company as you try to know how they have been and how their journey was. This makes them feel more welcomed. Remember that the first impression is what matters a lot.

The welcoming part is quite simple and does not need much preparation. There are things that need more than preparations to ensure that there will be no difficulties during the visit. Expounded is a list of things that should be done to ensure a swift moment during an uninvited visit.

Prepare extra beddings

stack-of-towels-and-flower-on-bed-in-hotel-roomAlways have an extra mattress and other beddings available in your house. This ensures that when the visitor arrives, they will have a place to sleep during their stay. It will be very discouraging when your house is small and you don’t have enough space for the visitors. Worse will be when you ask your neighbors to host them during the night. Make sure that there are enough beddings and mattresses in your house. There are cheap and quality portable mattresses available which can serve just right.

Necessarily, your house does not have to be large enough or have a visitor’s bedroom. An extra mattress can serve just right for the time being. In case you have an extra room, make sure that you have an extra bed and mattress which will be much helpful in such a situation.
If you realize that there are no enough beddings available, you can hit the store and buy what is required at that moment. It will cost less money and time but will have a large impact on your visitors.


couple-with-papers-and-calculator-at-homeFinancial impediments are a major challenge, especially when having visitors. Uninvited visitors make things even worse. Therefore, it is advisable to have some designated funds for such instances. During budgeting, leave out some money under miscellaneous expenses.

When you budget for uninvited guests, it will guarantee that there will be enough supplies for the family and the visitors. Food will be sufficient as well as extra bills incurred due to the extra people in the house.

If there were no available funds, try to find a fast loan or borrow from a friend. Make sure you find just enough money and not excessive or less.


interior-of-busy-family-home-with-blurred-figuresWell, we are not sure for how long the visitors will be staying and therefore we don’t know how much we will need to sustain them. Rationing most things will help sustain the family and the visitors for as much as possible.

  • Consider switching off the lights when going to bed. This will ensure that the electric bill will be less.
  • Consider closing the taps to reduce wastage of water.
  • Consider cooking just enough food and no leftovers.

Such activities will reduce the expenses and the bills will be less than imagined. During rationing, we assume that what has been saved in the process is indeed what the visitors will consume. A family which cooks a lot of food and leads to a lot of leftovers spend more on food. As such, avoiding the leftovers and cooking just enough food will be necessary as it will save on the bills.

Keep them company

a-teenage-girl-with-mother-and-grandmotherThe visitors will feel out of place if left alone. However busy, make sure that you designate enough time for them. This will ensure that they are not out of place and that they feel much welcomed.
Having a portable mattress in your house for such instances is a good idea. As well, make sure that you purchase a folding bed for your visitors. The good thing is that they will take minimum space when not in use. You just need to fold the mattress and the bed and then keep them in the garage or in the store. Once the visitors are available, you will just retrieve them. Remember that how we handle visitors imply a lot about ourselves. Therefore, it is advisable to give it our best.

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