Key Tips On How To Mentally Heal From A Vehicle Accident

Were you involved in a vehicle accident? Do you find it hard to keep yourself together after the accident? You are not alone. 20, or even up to 50, million people a year suffer from injuries or disabilities as a result of a car crash. Many car crash victims find it hard to go back to their normal lives because of the trauma they experience as a result of the accident. injured-car-passenger-calling-an-ambulanceMental health problems often develop when the victim experiences life threatening accidents. However, minor car accidents such as a rear end crash may also cause the driver to feel fear or anxiety when driving.

Different Effects of Vehicular Accidents

If you find yourself involved in a vehicular accident, here are some of its effects:

  • Physical Effects. The extent of your injuries is dependent on the impact of the crash. You may sustain cuts and bruises; as well as fractures and head trauma. The severity of your injuries may require you to seek medical help. The doctors may also require you to take a few days off from work to allow your body to heal.
  • Men After Accident In HospitalFinancial Effects. When you are required to rest at home, you will not be able to earn a living. The accident has a financial impact on your life by preventing you to make money. This may result in your inability to pay for daily necessities, medical expenses and monthly obligations.
  • Mental Effects. You may look fine physically, but you may be experiencing the mental effects caused by an accident. You may have feelings of fear, depression or anxiety connected to what happened to you. It is important to seek help if these mental impacts become too much to bear.
  • Legal Effects. There are also legal implications when you are involved in a vehicle accident. Penalties that you may face are:
  • Possible jail time, depending on the gravity of the offence.
  • Payment of fees and charges related to the accident.
  • Rendering hours of community service.
  • Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license.
  • Need to undergo treatment or rehabilitation if drunk driving caused your vehicular accident.

When it comes to the legal effects of a vehicle accident, contact a lawyer who is familiar with this kind of case. This is especially if the accident in question has resulted in injuries such as broken hips, of which a lawyer from this site might be able to help with.

What to Expect After a Vehicle Accident
Expect to feel a variety of emotions when you are involved in a car crash. Some of the emotions you may experience are:

  • Denial, disbelief and shock. People have different reactions when they first experience a vehicle accident. However, being in shock is the most common initial reaction for this type of incident. You may also feel emotionally distressed or you might even be in denial about the accident even happening.
  • Men After Car AccidentAgitation, anger and irritability. You should expect to feel angry at the other driver. Whether you are at fault or not, you may be agitated because a vehicle accident causes so much hassle and can be very time-consuming.
  • Guilt, self-blame and shame. Most drivers feel a sense of guilt and shame, especially when they are at fault. They also manifest behaviors of self-blame when they feel like the accident could have been avoided.
  • Anxiety, fear and worry. Lastly, drivers may develop anxiety and feel fear. They could exhibit behaviors such as:
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of energy
  • Lacking social interaction
  • Excessive worry

If the anxiety does not go away, it is best to consult with a doctor. He or she will aid you in addressing your problems.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

man-suffering-from-insomniaPTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is one of the most common conditions that victims experience when they get involved in a vehicle accident. People often develop this mental health disorder when they faced with dangerous or life-threatening incidents.

Having PTSD is does not mean a person is weak. It is beyond a person’s control and certain events can trigger it. Some of the most common signs of PTSD are:

  • Avoiding situations that trigger the traumatic events.
  • Having negative feelings towards one’s self.
  • Re-experiencing symptoms or remembering the traumatic event

Life-threatening vehicular accidents are difficult to overcome. However, with the right help, you can get over your PTSD.

Mentally Healing From a Vehicular Accident
Anxiety, PTSD and even depression affect car crash survivors. These helpful tips let you mentally heal from a vehicular accident:


  1. Ask for help from a medical professional. Consulting a psychiatrist or psychologist is helpful in addressing how you feel following the vehicle accident. Counseling sessions allow you to tell your doctor everything you have been keeping inside. This way, he or she can assess you and advise you on how to tackle the problems directly.
  2. Rest. Do not take rest for granted, especially if you suffered serious physical injuries. Take time off to recuperate. Let your body and mind heal. Going to work earlier than what the doctor recommended will only build up your stress levels. If you learn how to relax your mind, you will eventually get better.
  3. Connect with the people around you. Isolation only worsens mental health problems. It makes you feel alone and unwanted. This intensifies your condition, especially if you have depression. Maintain your connection with the people around you. Whether they are your family, friends or co-workers, it is important to stay connected to them. Join social gatherings or simply talk to them when you feel like you need to get something off your chest. You will be surprised at how helpful staying connected is.
  4. Try driving again. Beginning to drive again may be the hardest challenge you have to overcome if you were involved in a car crash. However, you have to be brave enough to take the wheel again, as it is a sign that you are fighting against your mental health condition. It is advisable to start driving to and from nearby areas before you venture out onto the bigger roads.

Mental health problems due to vehicle accidents have the potential to take over people’s lives for a long time. Some choose to avoid dealing with it, while others are open to seeking other people’s help. If you are a victim of a car crash and you are suffering from mental health problems, you have a choice to fight it and recover from it.

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