How Workers’ Stress is a Symptom of a Greater Problem

Stress is a part of life, no matter who you are, or what kind of job you have. However, work related stress is taking an increasing toll on workers all over the world. Whether this stress stems from issues like overworked employees, improper training or poor communication amongst management and employees, stress in the workplace signals there is a greater issue at hand.

Corporate World’s Greatest Problem

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According to recent studies, one in five adults struggle with mental health issues every year. Many of these struggles are brought on by work-related stress and anxiety. Within the corporate world, there is an alarming lack of effort put into caring for the mental health and well being of employees.

The dirty little secret of corporate culture is most companies really don’t care about their workforce. Sure, employers love to encourage workers to perform better, do more and work harder, however, when it comes to really making the office a healthy place that encourages positive mental health, most employers are silent. Coincidentally, many employers do not realize the damage they are doing and do not understand the effect that their actions have on the health of their employees. Wondering if your employer really cares about you or not? Here’s how you can tell if your work related stress is indeed a symptom of corporate apathy:

Your Job Leaves You in the Dark

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Often times, companies will operate as a hierarchy. In this kind of organization, employees are given information about the company’s future on a need to know basis. Sometimes, lower level employees are never told critical information about the company they work for or even the future of their own career. When companies treat employees like “machines” that are easily replaced, workers will undoubtedly suffer from stress, depression and anxiety.

There is No Change in Your Job

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Workers that do the same thing day in and day out never have the opportunity to grow professionally. There’s something to be said about staying at a job for years, but if you are doing the same thing that you were at day one, how much experience have you truly gained? Companies that care about their employees’ health and professional growth facilitate an environment that welcomes change and offers workers opportunities for advancement within the company.

With on the job repetition comes apathy and a stunted set of business skills. If you find that you aren’t gaining any new experience at your job, it’s time to reevaluate your position. Staying at a job like this may be safe for the short term, but if you plan to move up in your career, you will have no new experience to list, which will hurt your plans to advance in the future.

Your Work is Not Valued

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Employers that do not care about their employees will never see the value in what they do. Oftentimes, at a job where employees aren’t valued, supervisors will overlook the successes of employees. If your boss rarely thanks you for the work that you do, it is clear that your employer does not care. In a positive work environment, bosses will regularly encourage employees on work they’ve done well. This will motivate workers to keep working hard.

Employers Aren’t Open to Improvements

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We’ve all been there. Working with a supervisor who is so fearful of anything new, and gets angry when people suggest improving upon old processes or ideas. Having your supervisor shut down your ideas can lead employees to experience mental health issues, that are longing to have a meaningful impact in their industry. You want your employee to feel like they are making a difference in the company, be open to what they have to say. New ideas are essential to growth for the company and one’s own personal growth. If your workplace is a stagnant company that isn’t open to new suggestions, it’s time to consider taking your talents elsewhere.

You Have Never Received a Raise

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Employers that truly do not care about employees will never compensate employees the amount that they truly deserve. In many companies, bosses will tell their employees that there isn’t enough money to give an increase in salary. However, this cannot always be the case if the organization is actually making money. Having a job that refuses to pay you what you deserve is an added stressor and can really take a toll on one’s health. Knowing that you should be receiving far more than what you are making can cause a drop in self-esteem and a low sense of self worth.

As you navigate through the corporate world, keep in mind not everyone will be here to support you. A corporate culture that truly values its workforce is few and far between. If you find you are undervalued at your current place of employment, keep searching. Working with a company that actually sees your value is worth it.