Is Vaping More Effective than Patches and Gum

There are various alternatives that one can fall back on when they want to stop smoking cigarettes. Traditional methods such as patches, lozenges, gum, and nasal sprays have been effective for a while until most recently when vaping has been introduced as a contemporary alternative to help smokers let go of cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes are known to be safer than tobacco it does not mean that they are harmless. There are certain effects of vaping that one should be aware of before using it as an option to stop smoking. The wide web is resourceful as well as scientific journals and it is vital for one to seek more info before indulging.

The contents of most e-cigarettes are as per V2 cigs and they too are not nicotine free but contain nicotine in a vapor form as it is passed through water. There are numerous benefits of vaping when compared to traditional alternatives such as gum and patches. Some of the notable ones that have been proven by research to put vaping above other nicotine alternatives are as discussed below:


  • Effective – according to multiple research conducted by various relevant bodies, vaping is two times successful in helping an individual quit smoking. People who choose to use vaping as a method to stop smoking have been reported to have a mild craving and are able to overcome their addiction soon.
  • Variety – there are different flavors and nicotine levels available in the various types of e-cigarettes available. Different companies have come up with customization options that help users determine what they want or find a product tailored in multiple ways to fit their needs. It is essential for one to find an authorized dealer to buy products to ensure that the contents are far from harmful.
  • Availability – coming by e-cigarettes is easy since they are readily available virtually and also in land-based destinations. One needs to find a reliable vendor with good quality e-cigs to start out on vaping. An online store can also be relied on to avail them when needed in a given urbanite. Traditional nicotine alternatives such as patches and gum may not be readily available in one’s locality or they may have certain limitations that can frustrate users making vaping the other reliable option.
  • Convenience – how convenient are e-cigarettes is a question that most to-be users ask before they settle on this method to help them out when they are working towards quitting smoking. Vaping devices, for starters, come in different shapes and sizes and can easily be concealed when there is a need to do so. This aspect has propelled the popularity of e-cigarettes when compared to conventional methods such as gum and patches.
  • Cost – the overall cost of acquisition and maintenance are among elements that put e-cigarettes ahead of other techniques put forth to help smokers quit. The design of the vaping device acquired determines the durability and the financial implication of the same. When compared to patches and gum, e-cigarettes provide more options that one can rely on to save money in the road to quitting smoking. Gum and patches avail one time chances for one to use making them costly to keep up with.
  • Satisfaction – it has been noted by multiple reviews that digital cigarettes offer its users instant satisfaction for their cravings for nicotine. The mode of delivery used is similar to that of cigarettes making them the most reliable method for users who wish to achieve immediate gratification. Gums and patches have to be absorbed into the body system first and it may be a while before they deliver the desired results.

The other alternatives such patches are not effective for people with skin irritation among other limitations that vaping can easily mitigate. Before trying out this alternative to quit smoking cigarettes, it is crucial for one to understand the various cons of the same and if possible engage a doctor for insight on whether to use or not.

Studies conducted have also pointed towards the presence of certain disadvantages attached to using vaping as a method to quit smoking. It is important that one looks at both the merits and demerits of the same before they indulge. For starters, an individual should be aware of the various devices available in the market and which ones would work best for them as dictated by multiple factors such as nicotine levels and expertise required to handle the hardware required for vaping. Reviews on the wide web can be used as a source of information for one to determine what device will work for them.

Another aspect that one should bear in mind is the accessibility of a given device in their jurisdiction. The internet has made the world a global village but shipping companies used by companies dealing in vaping devices may not operate in one’s locality due to various reasons. Before settling on vaping as a way out of smoking, one should be in a position to access the device of their choice in their urbanite. When confirming if the device purchased can get to them, one should also inquire about the shipping costs to their state. The duration to be taken by the vaping devices to get to their destination is a factor that one should bear in mind to determine is a bulk order will be better that one piece orders to save on time and resources that will have to be spent in making frequent subsequent purchases.

Consultation with a medical practitioner is a necessary precaution for anyone who has any condition that may be triggered by vaping given the technology used to create the devices. Once the above factors have been considered then one can decide if they prefer vaping to gums and patches or the vice versa. It is essential for one to ensure that they purchase their e-cigs from an authorized dealer for small orders but for bulk orders the manufacturer may be ideal as they will be in a position to avail the numbers required. To determine if a vendor is legit or not, it is important for one to take their time and research about a company as well as read testimonials from previous clientele to establish if a firm is worth working with or not.