Leptigen vs Phen375

In today’s modern world, weight loss products have seen an increase as many seek to either help people or ‘get rich quick’. Many of the products boast high clinical efficacy with actually no data to back it up. Although Lepitigen and Phen375 are both dietary, supplements aimed at weight loss and appetite suppression, they have drawn mixed reviews and opinions from the public and the media. How do these the match up Leptigen vs Phen375 pair up on paper and practically?


Who makes them?
Avant Labs manufacture Leptigen. Although little is known about the company, it does have an official website but when navigating, it always gives you an error. The official Leptigen site does not contain the manufacturer’s information but does have a phone number and an email address. Despite this, however, they are purported to have very good customer service according to Leptigen reviews by customers. The company also claims to issue free samples.

Unlike Leptigen, the Phen375 manufacturer is the famous RDK Company and it, in fact, its bestseller and claims to be FDA certified. The process of manufacture used to develop it is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guarantees quality as it’s used in processing various weight loss products. RDK claims its product helps reduce 2 to 5lbs per week and is the most potent weight loss solution in existence.

The Ingredients
These two weight loss pills are just among the many currently in the market that contains ingredients that are unheard of and easily break your tongue. It’s just hard for a layman to know rather understand what they can do for them.

The battle for supremacy in the contents department for Leptigen vs Phen375 comes as a shocker and raises eyebrows to non-enthusiasts. Letigen contains:

  • 100 mcg of chromate – reduces bold sugar levels
  • 75 mg of caffeine – acts as a stimulant and suppresses appetite
  • 475 mg of Avisil
  • Unknown amounts of decaffeinated extracts from green tea – metabolic rate booster
  • Ashwagandha root

According to Leptigen’s official site, its ingredients clinical research is extensive and published in various health journals.

Phen375, on the other hand, is derived from phentermine and has two formulas one for the US and the other for the EU. The ingredients of the US formula are slightly more with an additional two ingredients, which are Coleus forskolin root-helps tackle obesity problems and Dendrobium- used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat certain diseases and ailments, which is an extract from orchids. Apart from that, both formulas have the following contents:

  • 36 percent calcium carbonate – muscle loss preventer
  • 12 percent chromium – unclear what it does
  • 68 percent L-Tartrate – helps dispose of fat stored in the bloodstream
  • Caffeine – suppresses appetite
  • 10 mg of capsicum and a fruit extract citrus Aurantium – thermogenic and helps the body shed extra fat’

According to online Leptigen reviews, it’s more effective when consumed on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before a meal. The recommended dosage is two times a day. Leptigen argues users are assured lack of lean muscle loss. The pill stimulates your body’s metabolic rate making you lose weight at a constant rate. There is a 50-50 balance of the product’s outcomes among users.

In contrast to Leptigen, Phen375 argues it suppresses appetite whilst maintaining your high metabolic rate. Controversy mars the pill as its considered a ‘safe’ version of the Phentermine drug which has been dawned with quite a number of lawsuits by its consumers. Though the website claims its efficacy, it underlines the importance of diet and exercise. This is quite astounding as it clearly shows its ineffective while taken alone.

Side Effects
Although as Leptigen manufacturers claim it has NO side effects, its users, on the other hand, have different opinions. They claim it induces and creates sleeping problems and dizziness the culprit ingredient being caffeine.

In common with Leptigen, Phen375 makers also claim its side effects FREE, but it’s should be noted that it’s a less potent version of the controversial drug Phentramine. Its consumes complained of stomach upsets, sleep deprivation, dizziness, restlessness, and diarrhea. Extreme side effects that cause health scares include breathing problems, swellings, chest pain and psychological issues.

In conclusion…
While Leptigen vs Phen375 faceoff is almost similar, Leptigen has a slight upper hand in that it has some clinical research to back up some of its claims. However, the inclusion of the chromeMate which doesn’t help at all in weight loss. While some consumers claimed it worked for them, others said otherwise. It also has a 30-day no question asked money day guarantee, which can be a relief to some.

Likewise, Phen375 boldly stated its products efficacy but such a statement hasn’t been backed up by any research. In addition, the negative side effects haven’t been documented, let alone argued making it raise eyebrows.

Although these two weight loss pills stack up pretty well, they do vary in efficacy, dosage, and side effects.