Mommy and Baby Workout Together

Regardless of how many kids you have, we can all agree that having a baby changes your entire lifestyle. Sure, it’s amazing and challenging, but it can also be very hard to find time for yourself and especially time to exercise. You can’t really bring a new baby to the gym, and finding child-care options isn’t always easy or cheap. Your only option seems to be working out at home. How can you do that, though? The baby seems to need your constant attention whether it’s feeding, bonding, changing, or just keep them entertained.

1. Abdominal push-away

mom-having-fun-with-her-babyOne very interesting exercise for both you and the baby will have you lying on your back with your legs at a 90-degree angle. Then, you can stabilize your baby on your shins and hold onto their little hands. Next, you’ll have to slowly extend your legs while keeping your low abs pulled down to your spine.

Make sure to hold onto your baby firmly. This exercise will have them moving slightly while looking at their mommy, in a whole new way they haven’t experienced before. This is bound to pique the baby’s interest.

2. The plane

mom-teaching-her-sons-first-baby-steps-indoorsYou can lie on your tummy with your feet close together and spread your arms out. Then, lift only the upper part of your body with your toes close and your arms completely stretched. Your baby should be in front of you the whole time.

This will exercise your core muscles and abs, but also give you an opportunity to have some fun. You can pretend to be a plane and demonstrate the powers of flying to your baby. They’re bound to giggle and have as much fun as you.

3. Pilates

workout-ball-pilates-fitness-gymOne way to play with your baby while working out is to use a Pilates ball. Whatever you do, they’re bound to be absolutely amazed at the sheer size and texture of the ball. If you want to improve flexibility, you should definitely make sure of the ball.

Whether it’s sitting on top of stretching with your baby in your arms or lying down with your back on it, and your baby close to your chest- you’re both about to have the time of your lives while getting your daily exercise in.

4. Walking lunges

mother-with-her-baby-mom-and-daughter-in-anTo do this exercise, you can hold your baby close while standing up. Make sure they face away from your body. Then simply take a big step with one leg and bend down slowly until you’re lunging. The movement is easy yet effective, strengthening your legs and back.

On the other hand, the motion is something completely new to the baby, and therefore endlessly interesting. You can do a series of 8 to 10 lunges than turn around and do them with your other leg; this will keep things interesting.

5. Dance

beautiful-cellphone-cuteDancing is a great way to give the baby a break. You can let them enjoy the comfort of their nursery products while jamming your favourite songs. Give your baby a personal show and watch them laugh and giggle as mommy becomes the star on a stage for the next half hour.
Seeing you happy and moving will also make your baby happy, and because you’re not holding it, you can rock out all you want. They’ll be your number one fan in the audience and you’ll have all of their support regardless of how bad your dance moves are. The best part? You’ll work out and burn calories without even realizing it.

6. Push-ups

young-mom-holding-her-happy-baby-in-airPush-ups are fairly easy to do, but they strengthen your core and work all of your muscles. They’re also excellent for mothers with babies. You can simply put your baby beneath you and do push-ups while they’re facing your chest and head.

Every time you go down, give your baby a kiss. This will be fun for them as they’ll just see it as a fun bonding game where they get kisses, while you also get to work out.

7. Swim

baby-child-kidMommy and baby swimming classes are very popular these days. This is because studies have shown that small babies actually do really well in water, even more so with their mother’s present. This way you’ll also get to meet other moms and babies, possibly making friends in the process.
Still, the best part is that you’ll have a fun workout with your baby and get to relax and tone your muscles in the water. The exercise will also be good for your baby’s development, so it’s a win-win situation.


It’s not impossible to work out and spend time with your baby. If you combine your exercise routine with their playtime, both of you will surely have fun and even bond in the process. Think of this as another challenge of motherhood you need to complete. Of course, you should always consult your doctor before you start any routine.

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