Lifestyle changes for Older Adults to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease in the Future

Changing your lifestyle can be either good or bad for you. But naturally, changing your ways for your own good is not easy. In fact, it is one of the most challenging things that you could do in your life, especially if you are now on your adulthood and on the way to your golden-aged years.
But of course, a lifestyle change is largely needed if you really want to age gracefully. This is because there are times that aging can hurt people in so many ways and this is most apparent to people who did not mind their ways and habits when they were young.

As it happens, Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most hurtful ways that aging can cause. But while this kind of disease is more rampant to the old-aged individuals, it is worth noting that diseases are only results of your lifestyle during your prime years as an adult. So naturally, when you take good care of yourself as you grow old, the risks and chances of obtaining diseases are very minimal. And similarly, disregarding your health, habits, and lifestyle can cause negative impacts to your mind and body as you age.

Alzheimer’s Disease Today

lonely-elderly-man-with-walking-stick-standingAlzheimer’s is one of the most common diseases that develop as you grow old. This is why it is usually linked with aging at its initial stage. But according to studies, Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that worsens as time passes by. And by 60 percent in data, it has been found that this disease is the cause of dementia.

The initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include significant difficulty in remembering things and mood swings. But when it advances after a few months or years, symptoms may already include the difficulty in communicating and several behavioral issues. This is why most affected individuals are typically sent to various memory care facilities for seniors and homes for the aged.

Prevention and Cure

private-caregiver-working-at-homeUnfortunately, there is no known cure yet for this disease. And as per the Alzheimer’s Association, the cause is poorly understood as there are no direct indicators as to when or where it comes from. But even so, there are several studies that prove that Alzheimer’s disease has something to do with one’s genes and lifestyle. As a matter of fact, experts and specialists recommend almost everyone to have a lifestyle change for good to prevent these kinds of diseases in the long run.

So, if you are one of these people who really want to prevent having Alzheimer’s disease in the future, here are some ways that you could do and apply to ultimately change your lifestyle for the betterment:

1. Avoid Brain Injury

doctor-examining-x-ray-of-the-skullOne of the most prevalent causes of Alzheimer’s disease is brain injuries. Apparently, it has been found that significant numbers of individuals who are suffering from Alzheimer’s are traced back to having experiences of different brain injuries. So, as much as possible, you may want to take good care of your head and brain in order to avoid such injuries.

When you go outdoors and do risky activities, make sure that you are well geared enough to prevent any accident or injury. Many people do not actually see the value of it but this will certainly be helpful to you in the long run.

2. Eat A Balanced and Healthy Diet

elder-eating-meal-at-hospitalPoor eating habits and obesity can actually lead to Alzheimer’s disease in the long run as per studies and research papers. As it happens, everything you consume has huge impacts on your brain along with its functions. And incorporating healthy meals and foods on a regular basis can not only improve the brain functions, but it can also prevent various diseases and the apparent decline of the brain. As a result, the risks of having Alzheimer’s and Dementia are much lower than the usual.

So, another best way to possibly prevent these diseases is to be mindful of your daily consumptions. And as much as possible, minimize your sugar intake and increase your vegetable and fruit consumptions.

3. Maintain Good Cardiovascular Health

closeup-of-heart-and-a-stethoscope-cardiovascularHaving good cardiovascular health is very challenging in recent times as it entails a lot of effort, time, and discipline. In fact, it does not only involve physical activities but it also includes your daily foods and drinks. This is why a lot of individuals today find it really hard to optimize their respective cardiovascular health.

Even so, changing your ways to improve this aspect of your health is also found to be a great way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. This is because having a healthy cardiovascular system is linked to having healthy brain cells. And when your brain is in its optimum state, the eventual decline of its functions can be prevented.

4. Schedule time for cardiovascular exercise

senior-adult-exercise-fitness-strengthAs mentioned, if you want to have a healthy cardiovascular system, you would need to pay attention to this aspect of your health and body. And this means that you would need time and effort in order to do so.

Accordingly, a great way to change your lifestyle for the better is to apparently schedule everything at hand when it comes to exercising. You must ensure to spare time for this activity. Whether it may be thrice or five times a week, you must start today.

5. Stay Socially engaged

Recalling old timesThere is no direct proof and evidence yet when it comes to the link between social engagement and Alzheimer’s disease. But based on the data obtained from various studies, it has been found that engaging in social activities and socializing outside your zone helps prevent the decline of your brain functions and ultimately Alzheimer’s.

One possible aspect being looked upon in relation to this matter is the fact that when people interact with others, the brain wires and functions are well-stimulated. And they become more functional that eventually decrease the risk of brain damage and decline along with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Additional Tips To Decrease The Risks of Alzheimer’s Disease

The above-given points are some of the ways on how you could change your lifestyle for your own good, especially for your brain. And while these points are already backed-up with several scientific studies and data, here are other additional points that you may want to keep in mind in order to decrease the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

Get Quality Sleep

sleepless-senior-woman-in-bed-at-nightSleep deprivation is one of the top enemies of the brain. This is because the lack of rest and sleep kills brain neurons and ultimately damages the brain as a whole. And as mentioned, this is the thing that you must change if you want to prevent the chance of having Alzheimer’s. So, always make sure that you get enough sleep and ensure that you sleep with quality and just for the sake of sleeping.

Treat depression

senior-woman-comforting-man-with-depressionAnother possible cause of Alzheimer’s disease is depression and anxiety. Keep in mind that when one experiences these things regularly, the brain tends to work much harder in an unhealthy environment. And as a result, it damages the brain in the long run. Also, having depression and anxiety almost always keeps you from socializing with others for some reason.

So, if you are depressed or feel that you are on the way to this state, treat it as soon as possible.

Say no to cigarettes

cigarettesIt has been already established long before today that cigarette smoking is very dangerous to one’s health. And in light of the recent studies, it has been found that quitting this vice can naturally decrease the risks of having Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, the data from various studies show that people who quitted smoking have the same percentage of decreased chances of brain decline as those who do not smoke.

Accordingly, if you really want to change your lifestyle and ultimately prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s, then say no to cigarettes today.


Diabetes WhiteboardIn relation to having a proper diet and meal consumptions, diabetes, just like obesity is also linked to developing and having Alzheimer’s disease in future time. Although there are no clear-cut cures yet for this disease, diabetes is very manageable. And for those who are near the edge of obtaining diabetes, stay away from sugar-rich foods and drinks.

Keep in mind that diabetes is a very complicated situation as it serves as a tool to complicate even further your other health concerns. And if you really want to be healthy in all aspects, you must watch your eating habits and every little thing that you consume. Surely, your mind and body will thank you.

Final Thoughts

All in all, initiating and fulfilling a total lifestyle change is really difficult. But once you’ve started and seen the immediate results and positive impacts, you will surely feel more ecstatic to do it further. And if you really want to age gracefully without needing senior living help and without worrying about the chances of having diseases in future time like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other health-related issues, then a lifestyle change and makeover is a must.

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