The Paradox of Insomnia and Why You Can’t Fall Asleep

Sleep. A five- letter word that you would think is easy to do. Think again. We, most often than not, find ourselves tossing and turning trying to get that much-needed shut-eye. It is common knowledge that 8 hours of sleep every day is ideal to keep our bodies healthy and rejuvenated. Nowadays, it seems impossible to get into that falling-into-sleep phase for many different reasons. We can blame Mr. Sandman all we want and get into medication- induced sleep OR we can find other ways for us to sleep the night away. Other than counting sheep of course.

If falling asleep is starting to become a chore to you, there are must-try remedies that are all natural that can help you get your fill of your daily z’s. Mission Sleep Impossible no more.
What I am about to show you is an infographic containing natural remedies that can definitely help you and your body get what it needs- a full 8-hour sleep.

These remedies are not only effective, but they also would not cost you an arm and a leg. What I am after is for most of you to enjoy the luxury that is sleeping in the most cost-effective way possible.

Interested? Go ahead and read this infographic.

Paradox of Insomnia

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