Can’t sleep? We’ve reviewed 20 of the most popular insomnia cures.

“Have you tried Valerian root? Warm milk? Counting sheep?”

It seems like whenever someone talks about their insomnia, there’s another person ready with a handful of different “natural” solutions. But which ones really work, and which ones are actually backed by science? This graph by Mattress Clarity clarifies twenty different insomnia solutions that can help you get more shut-eye. Millions of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep, with most unwilling or unable to take harder prescribed medication, which can cause dozens of side effects and often can be addictive. If you’re struggling with insomnia, try some of these safer, gentler solutions.

Of them, perhaps the most noteworthy are melatonin, lavender oil, and physical activity, the last of which having a surprisingly powerful effect on sleep. If you can get exercise in your daily routine, much of your sleep pattern can be improved. Another perhaps unexpected solution is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a psychological solution that helps treat most forms of anxiety and depression.

Other solutions have at least some basis in science, thought reports can be be a little dubious. There is some merit to, for instance, light therapy, journaling, magnesium, forms of meditation, and white noise, among other solutions. These are gentle solutions that are definitely worth a try if you’re trying to get just a few more winks of sleep. Read more about these 20 insomnia cures.