5 Effective ways to reduce Sciatica pain during pregnancy

Sciatica pain is very common these days, it is that condition where the pain is very severe. It happens on the sciatic nerve, which is from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down to each of your legs. It generally happens only one side of your body. This causes inflammation of muscles, pain, and numbness on that affected leg or area. Sciatic pain is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve and the intensity of the pain varies from mild to severe aches. These days it is very common to the women during their pregnancy. There are many pregnancy sciatica exercises and many other things as well one can do to cure or reduce the pain, but out of those the 5 most effective ways to reduce sciatica during pregnancy are:

Early evaluation is best

side-view-of-caucasian-female-doctor-doingSciatic is a common problem during pregnancy. If you think you have sciatica, examine your back and pelvis to give you an accurate diagnosis by your physiotherapist. Then he gives you an assessment, and you have to follow manual therapy and massage, specific exercises and advice regarding posture and how to manage your different activities.


pregnant-womanDuring pregnancy, it is very important to sit and stand with good posture. Poor sitting posture can increase your low back pain, and sciatica. Good posture takes a little bit of effort but can make a huge difference to your discomfort. Sitting in the same position for more than 30 minutes should be avoided. Maintaining a healthy posture is good for both mother as well as for the baby. So try to maintain a good posture while sitting, standing and lying down or bending.

Yoga or exercise

prenatal-yoga-namasteYoga or exercise is beneficial for body and mind both. Practicing yoga on a daily basis, especially for pregnant women can relieve them from Sciatica nerve pain. Doing gentle exercises during your pregnancy can strengthen your back and it will definitely help to reduce the risk of any further pregnancy-related back pain.

During pregnancy, if you can maintain a regular exercise it can help you to stay healthy and fit. Daily exercise can decrease backaches and fatigue. In yoga you can do the simple breathing exercise which is beneficial for the muscles, stimulates blood circulation, and enhances relaxation.
It is always suggested to do any yoga or exercise under expert supervision so that it won’t harm you or your baby.


massage-therapist-massaging-womanA healing and gentle hand massage plays a very important role in healing or reducing the effects of sciatica during pregnancy. It is very important to ensure that the massage involves very light strokes on your lower back. Prenatal massage is the exact massage for any pregnant lady which can relax and rejuvenate any expected mother at any stage of their pregnancy.

Massage during pregnancy is good for your health and wellbeing. It is also helpful in reducing your stress levels and relieving muscle aches. Pregnancy prenatal massage even helps them to feel more connected with their growing baby. This massage is safe for most of the pregnant women.

Warm packs or pad

caucasian-woman-having-painful-period-crampsIt is always advisable to use warm packs or pads during any bodily pain as it is very helpful in any affected area. Warm packs or pad can give you instant and quick relief from sciatica pain. Also, warm packs or pads can be used on a daily basis for pregnant women. For pregnant ladies, it will be soothing and comforting on the painful area. It cannot cure the pain but will definitely provide you instant relief from the pain and will numb the aching body part.

Heating or warm pad is a good option. But,don’t apply a heating device directly to your skin. It is best to wrap it with a thin towel first, or use it over your clothing. You can speak to your doctor for the safety of a specific heating pad or warm packs.

Accurate mattress and a pillow- It is definitely advisable to have one comfortable and accurate kind of mattress and a pillow for pregnant women. It is very important for any expected mother to have a night of perfect and healthy sleep, especially for those who sciatica during their pregnancy. Perfect mattress and pillow will definitely help you to get some relaxation in your pain.

Everyone’s pain is different, you have to make use of the comfortable mattresses is the best match for you.


preganent women foot painIt is very important to wear such shoes or footwear which will give you perfect support and comfort throughout your pregnancy. Wearing uncomfortable and unsupportive footwear will not only affect your feet, but also affect your body parts like knee, lower back, and hip. It is advisable to choose the perfect fit shoes or footwear always in your life.

In pregnancy, it is advisable to wear a right kind of shoes to reduce the sciatic pain. If you don’t wear a right kind of shoes, it will leads to accumulation of fluid or swelling around your feet and ankles. You can go for flat shoes as it gives you good control over your body’s increased size too.

Stay active

It is very beneficial to stay active during pregnancy for your health as well as the health of your baby. During pregnancy, stairs makes your pain worse, try to minimize the number of times you need to do this task each day. To stay active during pregnancy may also help reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy. Walking is good instead of taking public transport or the car. Adding regular activity into your everyday life is the best way to stay fit.

Above suggested points will definitely help you to reduce sciatica pain during pregnancy, but it is very important to stay healthy and not to get any kind of a pain in your life. Eat healthy and stay happy is the key to a healthy and fit life. Also, it is suggested to visit your doctor regularly for any pregnant woman and do regular checkups.