Signs Telling You That You Should Hire a Psychologist ASAP

Life will not be complete without challenges. However, there are some of them that can be so overwhelming that it seems impossible to move on and recover. Whether you’re feeling grief due to a loss or overbearing feelings of anxiety, it’s important to know that help is always there for every problem that life gives you.

Most people can benefit from seeking help from a pro. So, how do you know when it’s time to see a psychologist? Before your life becomes unmanageable, here are the common signs you may need to hire a psychologist ASAP.


  1. Uncontrollable sadness, anger, and hopelessness: If you’re feeling sad and angry for no good reason, it may be an indication that you’re dealing with a mental health issue. Even if you’re just feeling “off” or you want to withdraw from family and friends, never hesitate to talk to someone before the problem gets more serious. If these uncontrollable sadness, hopelessness, and anger persist to the point of having suicidal thoughts, seek out professional help right away.
  2. Loss: Death is an inevitable event in life. However, dealing with it isn’t that easy. Remember, each person handles the loss of a loved one differently. Some grieve openly, while others grieve in private. But if you start avoiding the realities of loss for an extended period, it’s not healthy anymore. Reach out to someone to help you cope. A psychologist can suggest healthy coping methods to ease the pain of losing someone close to your heart and so that you can continue with your life even while you’re grieving.
  3. Alcohol or drug abuse: When you rely on alcohol or drugs to help you feel better, you may be struggling with an addictive behavior that needs psychological intervention. Consult a professional to assist you in fine-tuning your coping skills. There are other healthy ways to experience pleasure and relaxation that will not affect your health and well-being.
  4. Trauma: Experiencing something traumatic can also affect you psychologically. If you have a history of abuse, neglect, or other forms of trauma that keeps haunting you, be sure to talk this out with a professional. Having a support system on your side can be a great help, too, so don’t hesitate to reach out to family and friends. The earlier you see a psychologist, the better you can deal with the traumatic experience.
  5.  Loss of enjoyment with the things you used to love doing: If you find yourself not interested in your favorite activities anymore, a psychologist can help you figure out what’s going on. It may be a sign of an underlying problem, such as depression, which needs intervention. Speaking to a professional can also help you make a healthy plan to move forward.
  6. Phobias: Unusual and unfounded fears can cause significant problems in your life. Although phobias like being afraid of heights and spiders are common and harmless, there are some that create a toll on your daily activities. For example, if you have a fear of eating, it may lead to serious health problems. So, better ask an experienced psychologist to assist you in overcoming your fears so you can live a normal life.
  7. Relationships become difficult: Having frequent conflicts with others can be a red flag that something’s not right. When you find it hard to keep friends or when romantic relationships become hard to manage, it’s best to speak with a professional. A conversation with a psychologist will help you uncover problems that need solutions so you don’t take it out on other people. You may also learn effective ways to manage your anger and deal with difficult people – because let’s admit it, they exist!
  8. Avoid social situations: If being around people makes you anxious and uncomfortable to the extent that you avoid gatherings with family, friends, and workmates, you may be suffering from social anxiety. Having regular me-times is healthy, but isolating yourself is not. Counseling from a mental health practitioner can help you enjoy the company of others.
  9. Desire to understand oneself better: For some people, talking to a psychologist is not just a way of finding ways to deal with life’s challenges, but it is also an opportunity to study and figure out themselves. For example, a psychologist can help you in making sound and informed decisions in life. Questions about your chosen career, relationships, and even personalities are better answered if you seek help from a pro. Also, you’ll feel empowered if you understand yourself, including the way you act and do. So, allow yourself to be coached by a psychologist so you can live a better life.
  10. Wanting support: You can also reach out to a psychologist even if you don’t need a diagnosis or treatment, such as if you need someone other than your family and friends to listen to you. Whether you’re dealing with a job loss or relationship problems, hiring a pro is the best way to get the support of someone who’ll never judge you in your goal to achieve a balanced life.
  11. Mental disorders: Mental disorders can be crippling. They manifest in many ways and affect every aspect of your life. Sometimes, you won’t know that you have a mental disorder unless you get the help of a mental health professional. To avoid second-guessing and to get answers to questions that are bothering you, better consult a psychologist to clear your mind and move on.

Need Psychological Help?

Psychological HelpA psychologist can help you manage your anxiety, stress, and other psychological problems that you may be experiencing every day. Mental health specialists such as those from Open Sky Psychology will help you deal with the harsh realities of life. You and your psychologist can work together so you can have meaningful relationships and live a good life.