8 Stones and Crystals to Incorporate into Your Yoga Practice

Crystals and stones are cherished by many for their beauty, but also due to the belief that certain minerals can harness energy vibrations.

Combining specific crystals and stones with your yoga practice is thought to increase your energy, stability and concentration. Crystals have been a part of Eastern medicine for centuries but are becoming increasingly popular around the world for their ability to enhance mindfulness and exercise practices.

While you may already place crystals on or nearby your yoga mat during practice, consider creating a piece of jewelry with beads or pendants of your favorite crystals. Wearing a bracelet, necklace or other piece of jewelry allows you to benefit from crystals throughout your daily activities, whether in yoga class, at work or while traveling.

When wearing crystals, their energy can consistently extend not only to your yoga practice but toward the rest of your day. Wearing crystals can also increase your concentration and focus during regular meditation and mindfulness practices.

When determining which crystals to add to your practice, think of the goals and aims that you are trying to achieve with them. Do you want to increase your energy? Maintain better focus? Choose the crystals or stones that resonate with you. Some crystals can also be combined to enhance their positive properties.

By crafting and wearing jewelry with these minerals, you benefit from their consistent proximity to your body. Consider adding one or more of the following stones and crystals to your daily yoga sessions.

1. Amethyst

amethystEasily recognized for their enchanting purple hue, amethyst beads are not only beautiful, but can also help to ease a troubled mind, calm anxiety and tap into your intuition.

Ancient civilizations highly valued amethyst, and it was associated with luxury and even royalty for many years.

The incorporation of amethysts in your daily routine can help you protect your body from strain, reduce stress and allow you to purify any negative feelings that are holding you back. If you are struggling to achieve a certain pose, for example, amethyst’s vibrations can help you to attain your goal.

2. Carnelian

carnelian-cornelian-sard-gemstone-isolatedCarnelian has been prized for centuries for its vibrant orange-red hue. This stone is deeply associated with energy, vitality and action, and it can help to revitalize your yoga practice.

Carnelian has been used to chase away fatigue, eliminate feelings of burnout and bring on a rush of needed energy. If you feel your motivation is lacking, or you are having trouble powering through your yoga session, consider choosing carnelian beads.

3. Rose Quartz

specimen-of-rose-quartz-gemstone-isolatedThis lovely pink crystal represents the heart chakra and is traditionally associated with both romantic and self-love. It can help you connect with others and reawaken you to your own purpose.

Often used for meditation, rose quartz can help you attain a deeper level of consciousness when worn during yoga practice. If you are frustrated or distracted by daily stressors, rose quartz can help bring your attention back to what truly matters—love and positivity.

4. Clear Quartz

natural-quartz-rock-crystal-isolatedThis clear crystal is ideal for use during yoga practice for many reasons. Clear quartz is a simple crystal that can channel energy, give clarity and clear any doubt from the mind.

If your worries are holding you back from advancing, clear quartz can chase away those self-limiting thoughts. Clear quartz is appreciated for its ability to bring spiritual growth and inner peace to the user, both of which are enhanced during yoga.

5. Serpentine

pebble-of-serpentine-gemstone-isolated-on-whiteNamed for its snake-like appearance, this mineral usually ranges from green to brown and can also contain spotting or striping. Wearing serpentine can increase your energy as well as offer healing and regeneration properties.

If you have recently been through an illness or are feeling particularly fatigued, adding the serpentine stone to your yoga practice can help you to recover. Serpentine energy can also protect against damage to the body, such as overstrained muscles or similar injuries.

6. Fluorite

green-fluorite-fluorspar-gemstone-isolatedWhile fluorite stone has one of the highest varieties of color in the world among natural minerals, the most common are purple and clear. This mineral has recently soared in popularity due to its vibrancy and structured formation.

Fluorite is particularly prized for its ability to calm a restless mind while allowing for clarity and enhanced focus. Wearing fluorite allows you to improve your concentration and lessen impatience when practicing yoga. If you find yourself anxious or restless while attempting your yoga poses, consider choosing fluorite to reduce these issues.

Fluorite is also considered a stone of protection, which can prevent you from overstraining and help you avoid mental fatigue. If you find that you lack energy before or after practicing yoga, wearing a necklace or bracelet with fluorite beads can give you a much-needed boost.

7. Hematite

raw-hematite-stone-on-whiteWith its mysterious silver sheen, hematite is not only a stunning stone but also a powerful one. When found in nature, this “blood stone” is rust-colored, but when polished it takes on a beautiful, mirror-like appearance.

If you are going through a particularly stressful or difficult time, hematite may be the right choice to enhance your concentration and perseverance. Hematite is another protective stone that is thought to absorb negative energy and keep the user grounded. Consider adding hematite beads to an anklet, as this stone is associated with the root chakra.

8. Black Tourmaline

black-tourmalineTourmaline is another stone that comes in a wide range of shades and variations, the black shade being the most common. Black tourmaline can help dispel self-doubting or anxious thoughts, allowing you to achieve mindfulness during your yoga practice.

This stone is similar to hematite in that it can help you feel more grounded and connected to the world, allowing for better alignment of your body and mind. If you have a stressful job or travel on a regular basis, wearing black tourmaline can help anchor you.

Final Thoughts
Whether you deeply believe in their energy-enhancing and healing abilities, or you just appreciate their beauty, crystals and stones can be a welcome addition to your jewelry-making efforts. These minerals can be used to create eye-catching and unique pieces you can wear daily–not only during your yoga class.

Yoga and crystals are both appreciated for their ability to revitalize the body and mind, and it makes sense to pair the two together for optimum results. Incorporating crystals into your regular yoga sessions helps connect your body and spirit.

By enhancing your energy, balancing the harmony of the mind and dispelling negative forces that may be holding you back, crystals and stones can be a powerful addition to your yoga practice.