Tips for Runners to Improve Speed and Endurance

It is extremely crucial for athletes to carry out extensive physical activities to improve their fitness level. Whether you talk about professional runners or weekend enthusiasts, they must follow a rigorous fitness routine to stay fit and healthy. For professional runners it very important to enhance their speed and build endurance, otherwise they won’t be able to do justice to their profession.


You must have great endurance power if you want to take your performance to a next level.

Given below are some of the important steps that you must take to build endurance and to improve your speed.

Stick to a Balanced Diet

hypoallergenic-diet-products-of-different-groupsStaying fit is not at all possible if you fail to consume a balanced diet that is full of nutritious veggies, fruits, dairy products, and nuts. Yes, what you eat plays a crucial role in enhancing your fitness, so you must enhance the intake of healthy food in your diet. You must increase the intake of veggies like spinach, kale, carrot, broccoli, garden asparagus, celery, and collard greens in your diet.

Similarly, when you talk about fruits you can relay on grapefruit, avocado, apples, pomegranate, strawberries, pineapple, and cranberries. In addition to that, you should also consume a lot of watermelons and oranges. Similarly, you should also drink milk regularly and enhance your fish intake to stay healthy. There are several ways of enhancing the intake of fresh veggies and fruits in your diet such as through salads and soups. In addition to that, you can use stir-fry veggies and consume them in noodle dishes. In fact, you can enjoy boiled veggies alone, because they are very healthy.

Avoid Sugary Foods

foods-with-hidden-sugarApart from consuming a balanced diet, it is also important for you to eliminate sugary foods from your diet because they are not at all good for your health. They are not only bad for your teeth, but also play a crucial role in increasing your weight, which is not at all good for you especially if you are an athlete. So, you must try to minimize the intake of soft drinks, ice creams, chocolates, and fruit juices with added sugar. Whenever you feel hungry, you can eat fruits like apple, papaya, and guava etc., rather than relying on chocolates and ice creams.

Join a Reliable Gym

young-woman-using-phone-in-gymOne of the best ways to build your endurance and to improve your running speed is to join a reliable gym, wherein you can take the assistance of a trainer to boost your physical fitness. You can’t run properly if you have a poor physical fitness. Once you join a gym you can perform a wide range of important exercises that can enhance your flexibility and improve strength.

Keep walking regularly on a treadmill for at least 15 minutes, because it helps in improving your walking ability. In addition to that, you should also run regularly on the treadmill for nearly half an hour. Consult your trainer if you are experiencing any problems while walking and running.

Endurance Training

man-running-on-stairs-trainingRegular endurance training can bring a world of difference when it comes to improving your fitness and building endurance. For example, if you run for half an hour on a treadmill, try to increase the time to 45 minutes. Keep on adding more minutes to your run frequently to improve your endurance.

Enhance Your Stride Rate

young-fitness-woman-runner-runningTo become a great runner, it is necessary for you to work on your stride rate. It is nothing but the number of steps you take in one minute while running. One of the best ways to improve your stride rate is to count your steps while running and then try to increase them. Wearing proper shoes and clothes also play a big role when it comes to improving your stride rate, so make sure that you use right sports shoes while running.

Focus on Important Exercises

handsome-man-working-push-upsAs a runner, it is vital for you to focus on exercises like pushups, lunges, the bridge, squats, and planks etc., to build balance and to improve your running stamina. These exercises are very important for strengthening your muscles and joints. In short, they are extremely good for improving your overall well-being, which makes it easier for you to enjoy a pain-free life.

Consult a Physical Therapist

physical-therapist-with-teenage-girlIf you want to improve your overall fitness, then it’s utterly crucial for you to consult a physical therapist. Considering the fact that physical therapists are well-qualified healthcare professionals, who can treat all sorts of musculoskeletal and neuromusculoskeletal conditions with ease, so you can easily rely on them for healing your pain and injuries.

Professional athletes like runners frequently receive sports injuries that lead to huge musculoskeletal pain, which prevents them from performing effectively. For example, conditions like foot and ankle injuries, back pain and knee pain etc., are quite common problems that are experienced by runners. And therefore, it is important for them to consult a licensed physical therapist, who can address their problems effectively.

Physical therapy is really very good for treating sports injuries. When you consult a physical therapist for reducing your pain, they will first try to identify its root cause and then use an effective physical therapy technique to address it. Whether you are suffering from low back pain, or foot and ankle injury, your physical therapist will use techniques to cure your pain.

If in case, you are also struggling with some other health condition, then they will design a care plan accordingly. And the best part is that they keep on monitoring your condition on regular basis to figure out whether the treatment plan is working for you or not. If in case, the physical therapy services offered by your therapist are not showing any concrete results, then they will make necessary changes to your care plan.

So, if you want to improve your running stamina by reducing the pain caused by sports injuries, then you must consult a good physical therapist.

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