Essential Tips to Grow Eyelashes Back?

Eyelashes are a great way to step up your appearance. They are a beauty enhancer. They can add to the beauty in your eyes. Long and thick eyelashes will make you more attractive. Your eyes are windows to your soul and if this is the case you want others to see the beauty in them. Eyelashes are considered as an important part of femininity.

In today’s scenario, it is difficult to have such long and beautiful eyelashes. The people who are having beautiful eyelashes are either genetically blessed or their body is rich in all the essential vitamins. There may be a lot of reasons why people lose their precious eyelashes from burns to chemotherapy. Although it may take a while, eyelashes usually grow back.

If you have long and thick eyelashes, you must maintain and take care of them. You can apply eyelash serum for growth of eyelashes. This serum is popularly used as an eyelash enhancer. This serum is used as a medication to treat people with inadequate eyelashes. It will cause your eyelashes to grow and become longer, fuller and darker. You will be able to see the results in the initial weeks of its usage.

As stated earlier, eyelash loss can happen due to several reasons. Some may be perfectly normal reasons, and some may be a sign of serious health problems. It is normal if one or two eyelashes fall out daily because your hair is constantly renewing but they should grow back over time. If not, you should consult your doctor why you are losing eyelashes at an abnormal rate.

How to Get My Eyelashes to Grow back

eyelashYou should never lose hope and settle with short and thin eyelashes. You can grow them back with these tips given below

  1. Take Foods Rich in Vitamins C and E: The first thing you should do to grow your eyelashes back is to take foods rich in vitamins. These two vitamins are responsible for the healthy growth of hair and can be either be taken from raw foods or supplements. You should consider taking those supplements which will encourage hair growth. Before purchasing any supplements, you should consider consulting with your doctor.
  2. Keep Away from Harsh Eye Products: There is no way that you can grow your eyelashes back if you cannot keep away from harsh eye products. You should not consider applying waterproof mascara which has devastating effects on your eyelashes. It is true that it will enhance the beauty of your overall appearance, but you should limit its usage if you want to encourage quick growth.
  3. Make Use of Eyelash Growth Serum: Eyelash growth serums are effective and natural ways to enhance eyelash growth. They are packed with conditioning peptides and fatty acids to enhance your eyelash growth. You must apply the eyelash serums regularly to see the results. These serums are effective when it comes to obtaining more shining and healthier eyelashes.
  4. Apply Olive Oil: To maintain the growth of eyelashes, you should condition your eyelashes the same as you do with your hair. You should apply olive oil or emu oil which is not only cheap but also effective in conditioning your eyelashes. When you plan to go out, you should not apply them because the position of eyelashes makes them susceptible to dust which implies that conditioners should be used at times.
  5. Use Castor Oil: Applying castor oil on your eyelashes will help you to grow your eyelashes. It is the most commonly used for the treatment of thin and sparse eyelashes. It is said that there is a component found in castor oil that will help you to reverse hair loss. The best time to apply castor oil is before you go to bed. You should make sure that your eyelashes are clean and completely free of makeup before applying castor oil. Castor oil is easy to use and effective. With a little bit of consistency and patience, you will be getting long and beautiful eyelashes.
  6. Drink Green Tea: You can take advantage of the beneficial properties of green tea. Green tea can help you to promote eyelash growth as well as clean the follicles around your eyelashes. Ingredients such as and flavonoids are found in green tea which will help you to stimulate the lash length. Pour some green tea in a bowl and let it cool. Then soak a cotton ball in the green tea and smear it over your eyelashes. It will clean your follicles and will encourage the lash length.
  7. Increase Biotin: Generally, biotin is referred as Vitamin H. It will help you to increase nails and hair and will make them stronger and healthier. If your body lacks biotin, it will lead to hair loss. You can add trying biotin in your diet which will help you to promote longer, stronger and thicker eyelashes. Generally, Biotin is found in egg yolks, yeast, bananas, mushrooms and salmon. You will see the results in the initial weeks if you intake a proper diet.
  8. Avoid Wearing Makeup: There may be a lot of reasons for your eyelash loss but if the reason in unexplained, you should avoid wearing makeup. There may be two reasons for this. The first is that makeup does expire after a while and the bacteria it grows may cause the eyelash loss. The second is many people are allergic to the ingredients of makeup. So, if you want your eyelashes to grow back, you have to avoid wearing makeup.
  9. Use a Cheap and Easy DIY Remedy: Conditioning your eyelashes in coconut oil is one of the easiest and DIY friendly. Apply the oil once a day on your eyelashes for a gentle growth stimulant. Apply Vaseline or castor oil which is also one of the popular methods to enhance your lash growth.

So, ladies! You can take help of these techniques and you can get thicker and healthier eyelashes. These methods are easy to apply and you will be able to get beautiful and darker eyelashes.

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